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Search Box Optimization

Crush Your Competitors With Search Box Optimization!

We Get Google & Bing to recommend your business for the most lucrative key phrases in your industry, without PPC or Organic SEO at at lower costs!

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Thinking "Inside The Box"

We have all been taught to think outside the box, however, in this case we decided to think "inside the box" - literally.  The search engines search box that is!  So, instead of relying solely on traditional SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising, we developed a unique solution that nobody else is doing... yet!  Which is why it is crucial that you jump on this opportunity before everyone else catches on and takes advantage of having the ability to get prime real estate on the search engines at a fraction of the price of PPC and SEO.

Our service places your business at the forefront of Google and Bing's autocomplete feature, giving you an advantage over your competitors and increasing your visibility to potential customers. With our innovative approach, you can break free from the norm and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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What Is Search Box Optimization (SBO)?

Search Box Optimization, also known as SBO, is a new marketing strategy that helps you claim a prominent spot in the autocomplete feature of Google and Bing. With SBO, your business will appear first to potential consumers (before they are shown any results), giving you a massive advantage over your competitors.

Simply by identifying and claiming the most effective keyword phrases in your industry, you'll gain a significant edge by dominating the search results by getting Google to recommend your business with the auto suggest/ auto complete feature. This is is a real game changer because According to Google, roughly 71% of searches utilize the autocomplete feature, making it a crucial component of your online presence.

71% Of Consumers Use Autocomplete Predictions When Conducting A Search Query in Google. 

Dominate The Entire First Page of Google & Bing!

Our search box optimization service ensures that your business will be the only company that the major search engines (Google & Bing) recommends to potential consumers in the autocomplete feature. 

By clicking on your company from the autocomplete, searchers will bypass your competitors, allowing you to dominate the entire first page of search results.

Gaining this advantage can be a pivotal moment for your business, as it has the potential to significantly boost your visibility and revenue, providing you with a competitive edge in your industry.

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You Will Takeover The Entire First Page Listings, Leaving Competitors In The Dust!

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More Visibility = More Sales

Leverage our unique marketing strategy, and you'll gain a competitive edge that none of your competitors will have. You have a unique opportunity to position your company as the first that potential customers see when searching for your product or service, increasing your visibility and your chances of getting the "click" and more business.  

With SBO, you'll be able to gain new customers and bypass your competition. You'll be the first company that potential customers see when looking for your product or service on Google and Bing.

We offer affordable programs that can be tailored to meet your budget needs, and you'll benefit from ongoing support and monthly progress reports. Your business will show up on all computers and mobile devices, ensuring that your business is visible to as many potential customers as possible.

Google Auto Suggests Your Company Everytime!

This level of exposure not only increases your brand's visibility but also instills a sense of confidence in potential customers, as they see your business being suggested by a reputable search engine. As a result, your business is more likely to attract organic traffic and convert this into actual sales.

By being present in the search engine's suggestion box, you position yourself as a reliable and trustworthy option in the eyes of your target audience, ultimately leading to better business outcomes.  

googe auto suggest your business

Dominate 1st Page Search Engine Results 

Our goal is to ensure that when a search is conducted, only your company is displayed on the entire first page of search results.

Extremely Cost

Owning the entire first page of search results enables you to save huge on costly pay-per-click campaigns and SEO.


Cutting-Edge &
Unique Technology

Our unique technology provides you with a competitive edge that is not currently offered by anyone else in the market.

Measure Goals
& Success

Monitor and improve your web conversions by measuring the success with real-time reporting of your goals.

Very Simple

Our process is extremely simple.   Just choose the keyword phrases that attract your customers and leave the rest to us.

Competitive Edge
With Exclusivity

Exclusivity for your keyword phrases; your company will be the only one listed, and we never sell the same keyword phrase to another company..

Search Box Optimization Advantages

Autocomplete Optimization marketing helps you outperform your competition by appearing before any search results (and competitors) are shown. It's a rare case where using a conventional approach and thinking "inside the box" can give you the advantage you need.

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Eliminate Your Competition

If you've been looking to gain a competitive edge in your industry, autocomplete optimization is the answer.  By implementing Search Box Optimization marketing, your business will be featured in the search engine's suggestion box, placing your company name in front of every potential customer who searches for your products or services, and pointing them to the first page where you will dominate the results, thus eliminating your competition altogether.

This strategy allows your business to stand out from the crowd and gain the attention of potential customers who might otherwise have overlooked your offerings. As your business name appears frequently in the search engine's suggestion box, it becomes a familiar name in the minds of potential customers, leading to greater brand recognition and ultimately, increased leads and sales.

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We Help You Find The Best Keywords To Drive Sales

In today's digital age, having the right keywords can make all the difference in driving traffic and ultimately, sales to your business.

However, identifying the most effective keywords for your industry can be a daunting task, and oftentimes, businesses are unsure of which keywords to use to attract their target audience.

Don't know which keyword phrases will bring in the most web traffic? No worries, our team of SBO experts will work with you to find the best keywords for your industry, based on factors such as monthly search volume, keyword competitiveness, pay-per-click bid costs, and urgent need/buyer intent key phrases.


You are fully covered with our 180 DAY Money Back Guarantee, if we do not get your company in the auto compete suggestions of the search engines, we will refund every penny of the reservation fee used to reserve your keywords .


There is nothing to risk! SIMPLY RESERVE YOUR SPOT with a nominal reservation fee! If we do not perform as promised, you get a 100% Money-back guarantee for a full 180 days.

180 day money back guranatee


91% of Users View Auto Complete Feature & 71% Engage With It.


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