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Frequently Asked Questions

Search Box Optimization (SBO)

▼ When will I start appearing in the auto complete results for Google & Bing?

Your results ultimately depends on the quality of web traffic you drive to your site. However, once we've integrated Lead Kennect on to your site, you should see immediate improvements in web conversions (due to your ability to instantly respond and engage with your web visitors).

▼ Will this increase my leads and sales?

According to Google, 71% of users engage with the auto-complete feature, while over 91% of users view it. When your company appears as a suggestion in the auto-complete feature, it increases customer confidence in your brand when they search for your product or service. Moreover, when a user clicks on your business in the auto-complete feature, all organic listings will display only your business, not your competition, leading to an increase in business. Our clients have reported a noticeable spike in business due to this exclusive exposure.

▼ Are there any other benefits besides appearing in the autocomplete search box?

Search Box Optimization offers more than just autocomplete visibility. It also gives your business exclusive exposure on the first page of Google and Bing's organic listings, thus boosting your online presence and authority. Additionally, SBO provides consistent results and is typically more cost effective than most other advertising.

Is this the same as SEO & PPC?

No! Optimizing your company to appear in autocomplete and auto suggest is a superior alternative to standard SEO and PPC. Our service provides your business with multiple spots on the first page, compared to the one spot given by standard SEO. This makes it way more likely for consumers to find you and click to your website. With our search box optimization services, you can expect higher ROI due to lower costs and increased click-throughs. Additionally, our service provides consistency in both results and costs.

▼ What quality can I expect from these leads?

Search Box Optimization has the potential to generate strong leads for your business, as it can increase your online visibility and credibility from the two largest search engines in the world (Google & Bing). When your business appears prominently in autocomplete and organic search results, it can attract more potential customers who are actively searching for products or services related to your business.

▼ How do you get us to appear in autocomplete results?

In order to have your keyword phrases suggested in the auto-complete box, it's necessary to establish authority. This is achieved through several means, such as creating YouTube videos, press-releases and/or blogs, submitting to directory listings, and engaging on social media. While these efforts can significantly boost your organic rankings, their primary purpose is to persuade Google and Bing to include your company as a recommended entity in the auto-complete feature.  Of course, there are many technical aspect to this, which is our secret sauce that makes the magic happen!

▼ Are you using any black hat or unethical tactics?

Absolutely Not!  We focus on social influences to enhance the website's authority and increase social awareness. Our approach aligns perfectly with Google's algorithm standards, which prioritizes currently trending content. Specifically, our efforts are geared towards getting Google to suggest the company in the auto-complete feature. While we employ some SEO techniques, our strategies are tailored to influence the factors that Google considers when determining what to suggest in the auto-suggest. Essentially, we prioritize social trending as a key factor in achieving our objectives.

▼ Will you sell my key phrases to my competitors?

No.  Once you purchase a key phrase, it is yours as long as you remain a client. To check if your desired keyword phrase is available, simply type it into Google or Bing and see if any company name appears in the auto-complete suggestion box. If a company name listed, the keyword phrase is already taken. On the other hand, if the search box doesn't show any company name after the keyword phrase, it's likely that the keyword phrase is still available. Note that there are instances where a keyword phrase may have already been sold - but is not yet reflected in the auto-complete.

▼ Are there any additional fees?

Not at all.  Our search box optimization program uses a straightforward pricing model with no hidden fees. The only cost involved is the monthly fee, which is determined and locked in at the time of your order submission. 

However, you. should note that there are certain things that must be in place for us to being our strategy such as having a website, google/bing business listings, social media profiles etc.  We can help you get these things in order if you like or you can handle them on your end.

▼ What is a Local keyprase vs National key phrase?

We offer keyword phrases for both local and national businesses. A local keyword phrase contains a location designation within the phrase, such as "roofing repair Miami." Conversely, a national keyword phrase, such as "roofing repair," doesn't contain any specific location.  

When you purchase a national keyword phrase, you should be able to assist customers across the country, while local keywords are focused on driving customers to the local business.

▼ I have more questions, can I talk to someone?

Yes, we would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please reach out to us today and we will be happy to help.

▼ How much does this cost?

The price for keyword phrases is based on search volume and the competitiveness of the keyword phrase. Logically, the pricing for local keywords will be lower than the cost of national keywords. 

However, in both cases, you can be certain that the investment will actually cost less and be more effective than any PPC or SEO campaign.  Please contact us today for an estimate on the key phrases you'd like to secure in your industry.

91% of Users View The Auto Complete Feauture & 71% Engage With it.


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