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Explore real-world success stories in our case studies where businesses and organizations share their strategies for overcoming challenges and achieving excellence.

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Case Study 
Dental Practice Increases Traffic 600% in 6 Months

Dr. Berg 

Niche: Dental Practice

Location: Daytona Beach, FL

Results: Increased monthly revenue by $42,570


Objective: Increase new patient intake, lower cost per acquisition, and improve online visibility.

Challenges:  The practice faced budget constraints, a common issue in the healthcare sector, limiting their ability to invest in extensive marketing efforts. They were also concerned about making the right choices within their budget, ensuring their investment would yield significant results. Additionally, they grappled with on-page and off-page issues, including broken links and a weak link profile, hindering their online visibility.


The practice struggled with a limited online presence and visibility. Despite offering excellent dental services, they found it challenging to attract new patients and compete with established practices in the area. Their frustration stemmed from the lack of online exposure, resulting in a stagnant patient influx and limited growth.


The dental practice wanted to establish a healthy online presence that would position them as a top choice for dental services in Daytona Beach. Their goal was to attract a consistent stream of new patients, enhance their reputation, and ultimately become a leading dental clinic in the area. They aspired to achieve high rankings on Google, particularly which included the local 3-Pack and organic search, to ensure maximum visibility among potential patients searching online for dental services.

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Based on the baseline benchmark of when we began, the dental office was bringing in approximately $7,095 via online leads. They were getting about 473 organic traffic, with 3% conversion rate and an average $500 per patient. With our efforts we were able to increase traffic to 2,838 organic visitors (600% increase in traffic) and increased revenue by an estimated $42,570 per month


600% increase, from 473 to 2,838. 


Since implementing our tailored digital strategies, Dr. Bergs dental practice has experienced an unprecedented transformation, positioning them as a leader in their field and exceeding all their expectations.  There was a surge in patient bookings; our high-intent traffic strategies led to a remarkable increase in patient bookings. They started with about 14 patients per month and we took them to 85 patients per month. The clinic's appointment calendar, once sporadically filled, is now consistently booked to capacity. Patient leads turned into loyal, revenue-generating relationships.

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Case Study 
150% Increase in New Patients in 8 Months

Client: Dr. Friedman 

Industry: Dental Practice

Location: Morrisville, NC

Results: Increased monthly revenue by $51,750


Objective: Increase new patient bookings, lower cost per acquisition, and improve online visibility.

Before: Before teaming up with Digital Synergy, Dr. Friedman's dental clinic was hardly found online. Consequently, they were not generating many appointments online and were having trouble getting online reviews. The clinic's budget constraints restricted effective marketing, leading to stagnant patient numbers and financial uncertainty. The lack of online visibility, coupled with negative online reviews, heightened their frustration and impeded growth.


Dr. Friedman aspired to redefine patient care, aiming for an influx of loyal, high-value patients. Their dream was to transform the clinic into a local dental authority, consistently booked and revered for providing exceptional services. They envisioned leveraging online marketing to not only attract but also retain patients, ultimately leading to a significant revenue increase.

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Within 8 months, the clinic's patient intake experienced a radical shift. Patient appointments soared from 22 to 55 per month, marking a 150% increase in patient bookings. Dr. Freeman's revenue catapulted, reaching an estimated $51,750 monthly, translating into a remarkable 417% ROI.


150%, from 22 to 55 per month. 

Increased revenue to $51,750 monthly, 417% ROI.


 Our comprehensive digital strategies not only elevated the clinic's online presence but also drove tangible results. Dr. Freeman’s practice emerged as a success story, a testament to the transformative power of strategic digital marketing.We began the campaign in April 2021 and, within 8 months, our efforts stated to show significant results.

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Case Study 
10X Increase in Web Traffic In 4 Months

Client: Dr. Evans 

Industry: Dental

Location: Fairfield, CT

Results: Increased online visitors by 1071.43%


Objective: Increase patient intake, lower cost per new patient, and improve online visibility.

Challenges: The dental practice struggled with almost zero visibility online, getting only 14 visitors per month to their website. Since, not many people were visiting their website, so they weren't getting many new patients online. This made it hard for the dental practice to grow and compete in their area.


The dental practice wanted to increase website traffic substantially, aiming for at least 150 visitors per month within the first 6 months. Their ultimate goal was to convert these visitors into new patients, significantly boosting their monthly revenue and establishing a prominent position in the local dental landscape.

Since it was a fairly new practice, budget constraints limited their ability to invest in extensive marketing efforts. The practice was concerned about making the right choices within their budget, ensuring a significant return on investment. Their website and Google Business Profile lacked optimization, leading to low visitor numbers and conversion rates.

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Website traffic surged from 14 to 164 monthly visitors, reflecting a substantial growth in online visibility. The traffic increased by approximately 1071.43% going from just 14 to 164 visitors in 4 months.


Sessions increased 1071.43%, from 14 to 1,64. 


Initially, the website was receiving around 14 visitors each month, but it has now surpassed 140 monthly visits. This increase in traffic is reflected in both the website's specific keyword rankings and its overall ranking for all keywords. At the start of the campaign, the website had a total of 60 keywords, but it has since grown to 159 ranking keywords.

With the influx of new patients, the practice's monthly revenue increased significantly, estimating a boost of approximately $2,500 per month within just a few months.

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Case Study 

Hometown Plumbing, a plumbing service provider based in Southern California, was faced the challenge of expanding its customer base in the highly competitive local market.

They were looking to increase its customer acquisition and reduce costs while focusing on the plumbing sector. They implemented a search box optimization campaign comprised of the following 5 keyword phrases based in their multiple location service areas

This case study explores how Hometown Plumbing successfully leveraged Search Box Optimization to achieve their goals and the subsequent positive impact on their business.


Client:  Hometown Plumbing

Location:  Southern California

Objective: Increase customer base, lower cost per acquisition, and improve online visibility.

Challenges: Hometown Plumbing identified several key challenges:

Market Expansion -Expanding their customer base in the competitive Southern California market.

Cost Efficiency - Reducing the cost per customer acquisition.

Online Visibility - Improving online visibility to attract potential customers.


To address these challenges, Hometown Plumbing implemented a comprehensive strategy.

Campaign Strategy: Implemented Search Box Optimization to enhance their online presence and make their services more discoverable to potential customers searching for plumbing services in their service areas. 

Bing PPC Campaign: Recognizing the potential of Bing from the results of search engine auto complete strategy, Hometown Plumbing decided to also initiated their first Bing Pay-Per-Click campaign to further expand their online reach.

Keyword Strategy: Developed a targeted keyword strategy with a focus on five specific phrases: "plumbers San Diego," "plumbers Oceanside," "plumbers Carlsbad," "plumbers Temecula," and "plumbers Palm Springs."

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The results of Hometown Plumbing's strategic efforts were highly encouraging and effective.

Increased Visibility:  Search Box Optimization significantly improved their online visibility for the selected keywords, leading to more prominent placement in search results.

Cost Reduction: By optimizing their online advertising strategy, they successfully lowered their cost per acquisition, making their marketing efforts more cost-effective.

Impressive Bing Campaign: The initiation of their first Bing Pay-Per-Click campaign on Bing demonstrated impressive results, contributing to increased web traffic and conversions.


Sessions increased 80%, from 830 to 1,494. 

Users increased 88%, from 715 users to 1,347 users.

Bounce Rate decreased from 79.5% to 57.1%, which means their traffic was much more engaged.


Hometown Plumbing's proactive approach to improving their online presence and marketing strategies yielded substantial benefits. Through Search Box Optimization and the adoption of Bing Pay-Per-Click advertising, the were able to achieve their goals of expanding their customer base and reducing acquisition costs significantly.

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"Wow, this is amazing! I’ve heard through the grapevine that someone was going to figure this technology out. I’m glad it was you guys. This is the next best thing! Congratulations, thanks for the increase in business!"

CEO Owner - Hometown Plumbing

Case Study 
Junk Valet

In an increasingly saturated market with new junk removal companies emerging weekly, Junk Valet, Inc. faced the challenge of standing out while optimizing their marketing spend. Robert, the founder, sought an effective strategy to ensure his business appeared prominently to potential customers without relying solely on costly pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that failed to deliver quality leads.

Additionally, he aimed to introduce a new service, pressure washing, and wanted to establish a strong online presence for both "junk removal" and "pressure washer" services, encompassing not only his immediate city, Oceanside, but also the broader San Diego area.

junk valet case study logo


Client:  Junk Valet

Location:  San Diego, California

Objective: Increase customer base, lower cost per acquisition, and improve online visibility.

Challenges: Junk Valet, Inc. encountered several key challenges:

Market Expansion - A highly competitive market with the constant influx of new junk removal companies.

Cost Efficiency - Finding an efficient way to capture the attention of potential customers without excessive spending on PPC campaigns.

Diversification: Introducing a new service, pressure washing, and establishing a presence for it alongside the existing "junk removal" service.


To tackle these challenges, Robert and the team devised a strategic approach:

Keyword Targeting: Identified four crucial keywords that incorporated both their immediate location, Oceanside, and the broader San Diego area for "junk removal" and "pressure washer" services.

Search Box Optimization (SBO): Implemented a comprehensive SBO strategy to optimize their website, content, and online listings for these key keywords, enhancing their visibility in organic search results.

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junk valet case study


Junk Valets' strategic efforts yielded impressive results:

Enhanced Visibility: By targeting specific keywords through SBO, Junk Valet, Inc. significantly improved its online visibility, ensuring that potential customers could easily find their services and top their top competitors.

Cost Efficiency: The reduced dependence on PPC campaigns led to more cost-effective marketing, allocating resources where they generated higher-quality leads.

Successful Diversification: The introduction of the pressure washing service seamlessly integrated with the existing junk removal offering, allowing for smoother business expansion.


Sessions increased 94%, from 216 to 419. 

Users increased 98%, from 200 users to 395 users. 

Bounce Rate decreased from 82.4% to 61.6%, which means their traffic was much more engaged.


Junk Valet, Inc. successfully navigated a competitive market by strategically targeting keywords and optimizing their online presence. Their approach not only increased visibility but also achieved cost efficiency while successfully diversifying their service portfolio and gaining a massive advantage over their competitors.

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junk valet logo testimonial

"I didn’t know how well the SBO autocomplete would work, and since I never considered Bing, I was a sceptic on whether the Bing autocomplete would give me business. Carl showed me my competitors on Bing using the search term “Junk Removal Oceanside”, and I knew I had to have a strong presence on Bing. We try to source every call to see where the lead came from, and in my five years of business I've never heard anyone say “I saw you on Bing”. In the past few months, with me being in the autocomplete, I have had a bunch of calls say they found me on Bing. I received 8 new jobs the first month on Bing from the autocomplete. I am so excited, and my business has gotten much busier! Thank you, guys!! Now I’m going to start a PPC with Bing."

Robert, CEO-President - Junk Valet

Case Study  
Taylor’s Impressive Carpet

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer acquisition, Taylor's Impressive Carpet is a company committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Their belief in being ahead of the curve drives their quest for innovative ways to expand their business.

As early adopters of emerging technologies, Taylor's Impressive Carpet embraced the Search Box Optimization (SBO) program, aligning seamlessly with their forward-thinking approach. In this case study, we explore their journey and the successful implementation of an SBO campaign for "carpet cleaning Beaumont" and "carpet cleaning Palm Springs."

taylors impressive carpet care logo case study


Client:  Taylors Impressive Carpet Care

Location:  Palm Springs, California

Objective: Increase customer base, lower cost per acquisition, and improve online visibility.

Challenges: Taylor's Impressive Carpet faced the following key challenges:

Customer Acquisition: Staying ahead of competitors in a dynamic market by adopting innovative methods for acquiring new customers.

Increase Visibility On A Budget: Striving to grab the interest of potential customers without overspending on PPC campaigns.


To address their challenge and remain at the forefront of technology, Taylor's Impressive Carpet implemented a strategic approach:

Search Box Optimization (SBO): Leveraged the power of SBO to enhance their online visibility and ensure they appeared prominently when potential customers searched for "carpet cleaning Beaumont" and "carpet cleaning Palm Springs."

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Taylors impressive carpet care case study anal


Taylor's Impressive Carpet's proactive approach to technology adoption yielded impressive results:

Enhanced Visibility: Through the SBO campaign, the company significantly improved its online visibility, allowing them to capture the attention of potential customers actively seeking carpet cleaning services in their target areas.

Early Adoption Advantage: By staying ahead of the curve, Taylor's Impressive Carpet maintained a competitive edge, positioning themselves as industry leaders and attracting customers who valued cutting-edge service providers.


Sessions increased 9%, from 763 to 833.

Users increased 8%, from 672 users to 725 users.

Bounce Rate decreased from 76.5% to 66.4%, which means their traffic was much more engaged.


Taylor's Impressive Carpet's commitment to innovation and early adoption of technology through the SBO program proved to be a successful strategy for acquiring new customers. Their forward-thinking approach not only increased visibility but also positioned them as leaders in their industry.

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junk valet logo testimonial

"We are very thankful that Carl approached us on this program. It changed our mind completely on Bing. Now today we are running a major PPC campaign on Bing because of the number of searches. We are expanding to 40 more areas with SBO."

Owner - Taylors Impressive Carpet Care

Case Study 
Hometown Restorations

HomeTown Restoration faced a pressing challenge as the cost of acquiring new customers spiraled out of control. Their mission was clear: reduce the cost per customer acquisition, which had reached unsustainable levels.

The average cost per call for water damage services through Local Services Ads had soared to a staggering $260, and their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) expenses continued to rise. In this case study, we delve into their successful endeavor to rein in marketing costs by embracing a cost-effective solution, Search Box Optimization (SBO). HomeTown Restoration strategically targeted "water damage" keywords across five distinct areas, heralding a new era of efficient customer acquisition.

hometown restoration logo case


Client: Hometown Restorations

Location:  Florida

Objective: Increase customer base, lower cost per acquisition, and improve online visibility.

Challenges: HomeTown Restoration confronted the following critical challenges:

Customer Acquisition Costs: The increasing expense of acquiring new customers posed a significant threat to the business's profitability.


To address their challenges, HomeTown Restoration implemented a strategic approach:

Search Box Optimization (SBO): Adopted SBO as a cost-effective alternative to reduce marketing expenditure while maintaining online visibility. They specifically targeted "water damage" keywords across five key areas in Florida.

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Taylors impressive carpet care case study analytics


HomeTown Restoration's strategic shift to Search Box Optimization delivered impressive results:

Dramatic Cost Reduction: By transitioning to SBO, HomeTown Restoration drastically reduced their marketing costs, reversing the trend of escalating expenses.

Improved Cost Efficiency: The adoption of SBO not only lowered their overall marketing expenditure but also ensured a fixed monthly fee, offering predictable and manageable costs.


Sessions increased 20%, from 1028 to 1,230.

Users increased 31%, from 832 users to 1092 users.

Bounce Rate decreased from 77.4% to 54.0%, which means their traffic was much more engaged.


HomeTown Restoration's decision to embrace Search Box Optimization as a solution to spiraling customer acquisition costs paid substantial dividends. Their proactive approach allowed them to maintain a visible online presence while achieving significant cost savings.

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hometown restoration log

"Search Box Optimization is extremely important for our company because our marketing costs were getting out of control. I started with 5 areas and because of the success of the SBO program, I’m going to expand to more areas."

CEO, HomeTown Restoration

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