YouTube marketingYoutube Marketing offers a free and effective way to drive traffic to your site and increase your sales. People go to Youtube to laugh, to learn, and to be entertained. Your job is to create videos that engage viewers, increase views, and, ultimately, make them want to buy your product. And if you can be funny in your video, you’ll increase your hits exponentially.


Be entertaining. In this day and age, people have short attention spans, and YouTube hits often directly correspond on how engaging a video is. It takes seconds to catch a viewers’ attention, and seconds to lose their attention. Think outside the box. You are representing your product, but you don’t have to be your product.

Talk about a funny thing that happened to you. Do a quick video blog. Do something that puts a name behind what it is you’re selling. Maybe you’ve self-published a cookbook. Publish a video of yourself acting silly in the kitchen while making one of your featured recipes. Keep your viewers’ attention by charming them on a personal level.

Offer something for free. Perhaps you teach pilates and have a website where members can pay a monthly fee to download your videos. Put a few teasers on YouTube. Offer a five minute YouTube tutorial from one of your lessons, and then state the entire video is available for download on your website. This online video marketing strategy will lead viewers to your site, so make sure to put a link to your website on your video.

Be creative in YouTube marketing. That might sound overwhelming, but really, internet video marketing is free publicity at your fingertips, so why not have fun with it? If you’re having fun, so is your viewer. And that means more hits. Interview a satisfied customer. Film your grandmother doing some of your pilates moves. Film yourself using your own product.

Consider creatively putting keywords in your title that are similar to videos getting a high number of hits. That way, when a viewer goes to YouTube looking for a specific video, they may stumble upon yours and viola! A new customer.

Keep it short. As stated above, internet viewers have limited attention spans. Blogs have been greatly reduced to 140 word Tweets. While you might think your ten minute video is amazingly entertaining, most viewers will click off your video after a minute or two, which can ruin your entire YouTube marketing plan.

Remember, what you’re making is an entertaining, engaging commercial to sell your product through YouTube marketing. Edit your information into brief, captivating segments. Keep your viewer wanting more, not less.