Internet SpidersSo you’ve got your site online and it looks real pretty – OK, so now what?  Well, ideally you need to get the search engines to find  your site so they can index it and hopefully rank it at the top of the search engines rankings.  You’ll need to implement an effective SEO strategy of course, but the most basic thing you need to do is let the search engines know you are out there in cyberspace and making it easy for the search engine spiders to crawl your website by utilizing some basic on page SEO tactics. 

So what is a search engine spider and what does it do?  Internet spiders are also known as “robots” or “crawlers” and are merely a program that “crawls” different links throughout the internet to index them for search engines.   Web developers have a somewhat tenuous relationship with internet spiders because they are simple constructs that can easily get confused by flashy content such as Javascript or video.

According to Wikipedia, “Spiders only can follow links from one page to another and from one site to another. That is the primary reason why links to your site (inbound links) are so important.” Links are like the cobwebs that spiders crawl across to reach your site in the void of the World Wide Web. When spiders find a lot of links on your site, it is like real-life spiders coming upon a swarm of flies they can feed on. Internet spiders often return to a site like this because it is giving the search engines exactly what they are looking for. “Google especially relies on its spiders to create their vast index of listings.”

So what is the best way to attract web spiders? Here are some basic tips for encouraging spiders to crawl your site and making it easier for them to do so.

Ping your site:

If you have not yet heard of “pinging”, you should definitely add it to your to do list if your trying to get the search engines spiders to find your site. There are many services out there that will do this for you for free and it is really easy to do. One of the most popular pinging sites out there such as “Pingoat”… just submit your URL and you are good to go!

Optimize Images using Alt Tags:

Search engine spiders consider may on page seo factors of a web page when determining the relevance of a site.

  • Adding alt tags and met to any image files using primary keywords and phrases
  • Use title tag, description meta tag
  • anchor text for inbound and outbound linking
  • Inserting a no script tag for any flash content and ensuring you have optimized it with the keywords for that page
  • Getting rid of Javascript altogether and switching over to a CSS slide show – this will allow you to create alt tags that contain keyword rich descriptions

Optimize Content:

  • Making it relevant
  • Making it unique
  • Making it interesting

Incidentally, optimizing your content will encourage human visitors as well as spiders.

And finally Crosslink:

  • To internal pages
  • To blog posts

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!

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