By now, you come across a blog while surfing the Internet or have heard of them or you surely have a relative who has a “blog”, so you should be fairly familiar with what it is. For those of you who still not sure… well your reading one. It really is just a platform that allows anyone to write about any topic and allows others to comment on it. It originally comes from the words “web” and “log”, which gives us a “b-log”!

Many bloggers blog just for fun, but it can actually be a very effective part of your online marketing strategy. Blogging and micro-blogging such as Twitter have revolutionized the way that people interact with each other and convey their ideas and as a marketing channel, the products and services that they offer. The one question often asked is how do I use a blog to take advantage of the marketing aspects of it and does it really benefit my business at all?

There are no real secrets on to how to blog effectively. Once again, it comes down to content… if you are offering your readers with good relevant content that is useful to them then it will be effective. Mostly, because you will show your visitors that you are knowledgeable about your topic and the blog will provide natural keywords and content that the search engines notice. Did I mention that the search engines love blogs! This is reason enough to start a blog if you do not already have one. It also allows you to create dynamic content on your site which again the search engines thrive on.

There are all kinds of blogs out there, but the most popular are personal blogs and company blogs. Twitter has captured the micro-blog landscape and usually a good place to offer tips and advice on your business topics. You never want to do a straight hard sell for any of your products and services. This is not the platform and readers get turned off to that easily.

Blogs are relatively inexpensive to set up and if you are good at writing, then this should be a no-brainer for you. If your not a writer, well then you may consider having someone handle your blogs as this is one of the best web marketing strategies that we highly recommend.