web marketing, great web marketingInternet marketing is the most important thing for a modern business. It needs to be done right in order for the business to thrive — in many ways, this has replaced location as being the most pressing need for a business. The internet is only one location, so marketing to get noticed is crucial to success. You need to use Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, search engine marketing, pay per clicks advertising, and all the rest to make sure that people notice your business. The following warning signs will show you if you are not doing enough.

1. Your Site Traffic Is Stagnant
The whole point of SEO — Search Engine Optimization — is to get your site to rise through the search results that a search engine generates because of the keywords that you have used. If your site traffic is not moving, it is probably because your site is not rising. Staying at the same level is not to be considered a success. If your site does not see more traffic, reconsider your strategies.

2. Your Conversion Rate Is Dropping
The conversion rate for a website is the amount of people who come in and make a purchase compared to the amount of people who visit the site on the whole. If this is dropping, your web marketing strategies — including email marketing and link building, not just site content — are wrong. You are getting people to come to your site, but you are getting the wrong kind of people, people who do not want what you have to sell. You may be misrepresenting yourself and your product to the masses.

3. You Are Getting Complaints Or Returns
This is an extension of the above. This will happen if you have misrepresented yourself through search engine marketing or some other tactic and convinced people to buy something that they do not need or want. If you are getting a lot of product back, look at the public perception as the problem.

4. People Are Not Searching For Your Keywords
It is possible that you have used keywords that no one is looking for or keywords that are too generic. Perform some web market analysis and keyword analysis to get more effective keywords.

5. Your Ads Are Not Being Used
If you use pay per click marketing, you want to see some clicks. If these do not generate traffic, they are poor ads or they are in poor locations.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!