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The importance of web analytics is a subject that is all too often neglected when it comes to search engine optimization. You would be surprised at the number of SEO companies that implement a strategy without any regards to fully understanding where their visitors came from– acquisitions, how many visitors resulted in desired a action– conversions and what they can do to have these visitors return to their site– retention. Recent studies show that only 20 percent of U.S. companies who track search referrals are measuring performance beyond their initial click-through rates.

This aspect of search engine optimization and search engine marketing is mission critical. Companies who understand and act on these factors will reap the rewards. The key to a successful search engine marketing strategy is ongoing testing, refining and optimizing your search engine marketing strategy based on metrics. In order to maximize your return on investment (ROI), you must measure the web performance patterns beyond click-through. Search engine marketing involves a constant cycle in which you must measure the complete interaction of your visitors with your site from acquisition to conversion to retention. This factor by itself will give you a competitive edge within your market.

Measuring Performance

Our search engine campaign will help you measure and improve the effectiveness of your search engine marketing efforts. Using our Search engine analysis data, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly which search engines and key phrases are performing most effectively. We go beyond click-through reporting by measuring acquisition, conversion and retention metrics. We focus on the key metrics that tie back to your overall business goals. Armed with this information, we’ll be able to access the most cost effective method to drive qualified visitors to your site.

Web Performance Analysis:

  • Measure the effectiveness of search phrases by visits, conversion rate, and lifetime value of customers
  • Determine whether search engines are generating more valuable visitors than other methods
  • Specify each user activity scenario on your web site in order to analyze the most important activities
  • Highlight areas for improvement in site design, performance, campaigns and content
  • Provide insight on how to improve the success of important web site goals
  • Uncover which segments are most likely to
    make repeat purchases
  • Identify which products represent the best cross-sell opportunities
  • Determine where your most profitable customers
    are coming from
  • Measure the number of visitors that visit your site by
    day, week and month
  • Determine if visitors are receiving a good experience or receiving multiple errors
  • Identify your most popular web site pages
  • Determine how long visitors are staying and which pages they are exiting from
  • Custom tailored reports based on your key metrics.

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