If you’ve been active in internet marketing for any significant amount of time, you have probably heard of the open directory project at DMOZ.org. This human edited directory is one of the largest on the internet. Although many people are aware of its existence, very few have taken advantage of the power that this resource offers when it comes to finding a great niche to target in their marketing plans.

There are close to five million websites listed in this incredible directory, organized into over one million different categories. And guess what? Each of these different categories can really be thought of as individual niches. Just think about it; one million niches just waiting for you to claim as your own.

A Clever Way to Find the Perfect Niche

Searching for marketing niches is often a wearisome and lengthy activity especially if you don’t have an idea of where to start. You can spend hours racking your brain, pondering a range of topics. However, there is a limit to the number of things an individual can think about in one brainstorming session. When it comes to niche marketing, some of the more obscure niches can be amongst the most profitable. Relying solely on your imagination, you may never come close to the most profitable ideas. Making use of Dmoz for niche sniping is an innovative idea that really works.

Free and Organized

One of the great things about Dmoz is that it is absolutely free to use. In addition, it serves up its information in an organized list. The niches you can research within DMOZ are classified in a systematic way.

You can easily find sub-niches by drilling down within higher level categories. Then continue to drill deeper and, eventually, identify a great niche that start the promotional juices flowing.

A Quick Example

Let’s say you’re looking for a sports related niche. Start by clicking on the “Sports” category on the DMOZ home page. This takes you to a new page with dozens of sub-categories, such as “Coaching”, “Events”, “Officiating”, and “Youth and High School” as well as individual sports such as “Baseball”, “Bowling”, “Tennis”, etc..

Next, if you select “Tennis”, another page will be displayed with additional sub-categories such as “Clothing”, “Racquets”, “Software”, and “Training”. Suddenly, a light bulb appears over your head. Tennis software? That’s something you may have never thought of – and it could be a great niche to promote.

Of course, you can dig down even further. Clicking on “Software” brings up a page of websites that specialize in tennis software for tournament management, court scheduling, coaches, and players.

If you had spent a couple of hours brainstorming with a pad and pencil, what are the odds that you would have thought of tennis tournament management software as a potential niche? This may just be the profitable niche you were looking for – found in just a few minutes by using DMOZ.com.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!