For anyone with a web presence, web marketing is obviously a main key to success. Before social marketing, web site owners were forced to participate in low-cost, impersonal banner exchange programs or high-priced ad agency campaigns. In both cases, the return on investment negligible.

Then Came Social Media

Suddenly, web marketing became as easy as clicking a ‘Like’ button or adding a new ‘Friend’. Website owners and site marketers were pleasantly surprised to find out they could create a simple yet moderately effective promotion and marketing campaign on their own. To maximize success however, you might want to consult any of the number of web marketing firms or professionals in the industry. Having an expert with experience creating the framework for a marketing campaign could be the difference between moderate success and phenomenal success.

Top 5 Social Media Sites from Nielsen ranked by time spent on each site

1. Facebook. This site is the reigning king of all social media. Users spent a total of 53 million minutes on Facebook last year. The next closest competitor, Blogger, came in at only 723 thousand minutes. One simple ‘Post’ on Facebook can, and often is, shared by hundreds or even thousands of Facebook ‘Friends’.

2. Blogger. This site offers a platform that assists users in creating their own personal blog. Basically a public journal for amateur writers, Blogger has captured a niche market and rewards their users by providing fairly decent automatic search engine listings.

3. Tumblr. This social media site concentrates more on the ‘media’ portion of social media. Building on the notion ‘content is king’, Tumblr allows its registered users to add news articles, blog sites or other web sites to the Tumblr database. From there, readers can share the link or post comments. The more readers who recommend your site, the wider Tumblr distributes it.

4. Twitter. While Blogger and Tumblr are geared toward full-length articles and posts, Twitter strictly limits its tweets to 140 characters. Keeping the news brief and to the point, Twitter has become the darling of celebrities and the news industry. Also, while Facebook’s numbers appear to be slowing, Twitter users are still on the increase.

5. LinkedIn. While the above four social media sites are geared toward social interaction, LinkedIn has found its niche in the professional community. Most professionals will admit that networking is everything, regardless of what industry their in. Specializing in business information, LinkedIn has become an online hangout for co-workers, prospective employers and even future B2B customers.

Social media is a great place to launch a web marketing campaign. And the above five sites would be a great place to start.

Do you agree or disagree? Perhaps, I missed something? Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!