Twitter TipsTwitter can be a great resource to inform customers of deals, offer customer service, or even just interact with fans. Here are some tips for successfully marketing with Twitter so you don’t appear to be spamming your followers.

Lets take a look at Whole Foods, they have a couple Twitter accounts. One shares healthy recipes while the other is a customer interaction page. From their customer interaction account Whole Foods shares links to community events. This attention to local occurrences is a positive characteristic of their Twitter page because it shows they are not just interested in scoping customers. As one marketing blogger puts it, “Be wary of always pimping your stuff. Your fans will love it. Others will tune out.” Sharing local events keeps people interested in what you say. JetBlue is another example of good Twitter marketing. They share traveling tips and information about their flights. Dell goes even further by not just answering questions from a corporate account, but by endorsing real people to answer and ask questions. RichardatDell or ChrisBatDell are some examples.

The “Bloggess” is notorious for using her Twitter page to ask random questions and get opinions from people. Her off-the-wall comments have earned her a loyal readership comparable to some major newspapers. Often, businesses will use their Twitter account to promote their blog. If you post links to your blog, be sure to have a summary or explanation of your blog post rather than just a link. If possible, try to reply to every Tweet directed at you. JetBlue and Dell are very good at this, even with thousands of followers. If you are the sole source of Tweets for your company, it may be more difficult to reply to every Tweet without spending your entire day on Twitter, which your co-workers may not appreciate. In that case, try to have a system of what tweets you reply to; for example every other question or five a day. That should help you manage your time much more effectively… good luck!