establish a brand, importance of branding, how to brandEstablishing your brand as a company may seem like a confusing prospect to many small business owners. Part of this stems from confusion about what exactly a brand is; is it a logo, website, jingle, or mission statement? The answer is that while all of these play a part, your brand is simply the promise you make to your customer and the trust they place in you. For example, McDonald’s official mission statement reads, “what’s good for us, is good for us all.” To that end McDonald’s offers “the simple joy of burgers, shakes, salads, and fresh coffee.” Here are some ways that you can establish your company’s brand using various characteristics of your marketing.

The dress code of your employees and the vehicles that they drive can be incorporated into your brand. For example, have you ever seen a Molly Maid car driving on the road? The bright pink logo on the side is hard to miss, isn’t it? What about the striped blue and white uniforms the maids wear? Both of these plays into the brand of the company by offering an image that supports the “attention to details” promise of their brand.

“How may I serve you today?” is the question you will be asked if you call the customer service number for Premier Designs Jewelry. This company is a great example of promoting yourself through the way you answer the phone. Verizon does their own version of this by playing their commercials instead of music when you are on hold. The Geek Squad plays “a compilation of spy movie theme songs.”

“If you’re going to use Twitter as a web marketing tool, make sure that you use it as a platform to develop powerful brand awareness regarding your small business.” Examples of this include @DellLounge which offers customers “cutting edge trends in Music, Film, Art and Technology.” @WholeRecipes tweets the “latest recipes from Whole Foods Market”. Having on topic, interesting tweets will win you followers and customer loyalty, but sometimes even quirky, random tweets will become popular like those from @Skittles. One of my favorites is, “Belly button, eh? I just call it a Skittles holster.” On topic? Check. Interesting? Check. Random? Definitely.

YouTube is another way to share your company’s brand. For example, BlendTec would be a small blender manufacturer that no one knows about except for their brilliant marketing series on YouTube, Will it Blend? Their unique concept of showing their blender’s power by blending iPhones, golf balls, glow sticks, etc. has been hugely successful and put this company on the map. Their videos also reinforce their brand image of a powerful and reliable blender.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!