content marketingIf content is king, then content marketing must be the army keeping the king in power. As more and more businesses find their way online, consumers are inundated with more and more choices. Rather than making them happier, this simply makes them more impatient because they know that they are the ones in power.



The speed of information has also increased since the rise of the Internet. The amount of information that a person receives from a business is also accelerating. For instance, a busy doctor can now use Twitter to advertise cancelled appointments and fill them immediately rather than having to chalk up that time to a missed opportunity.

Content marketing is a form of “whole marketing” that endeavors to bring in customers without a hard sell. This is the preferred method in which most customers find new businesses, as hard selling is becoming less and less acceptable in the world of commerce. However, in order to compete with other businesses in content marketing, your business must have an up-to-date, accelerated way of disseminating information to your audience.

This kind of superfast content marketing relies upon two disciplines – accelerated content production and widespread content publication. There are many ways to accentuate your own ability to both produce and publish content, and these can be done in a professional manner no matter the budget of the business.

Content Production

Content production means the amount of relevant information that your business routinely gives to your audience. This can include not only the latest updates within your business, but also the latest updates and technological advancements of your industry. People want to know that they are coming to a place for the latest news when they attend your website. Once you are known as an expert in your industry, it is a short leap to see you as the number one provider of solutions for customers.

You can accentuate your own efforts with RSS feeds from relevant blogs in your industry, news tickers that can be embedded for free, and guest bloggers as well. As long as the content is up-to-date and accurate, you stand to improve your rankings with human visitors and with search engines along with increased content.

Content Publication

There are many services both paid and free that you can use to disseminate your information to your audience. No matter the route you choose, the goal should be to eventually lead your customers into an organic dissemination of your content. This means that after a certain period of time of pushing dissemination through publication channels, your audience should look to your website directly for information. In short, you create your own channel of dissemination by drawing people into direct contact with your company.