social mediaIn the current increasingly cluttered and space environment of the Internet, it is virtually impossible to do any type of search engine optimization without running into social media. It is also just as impossible to do any type of social media marketing without running into search engine optimization.

Though this may provide search engine queriers with more accurately detailed results, conditionally, it does little for the simplicity of the process of getting your site indexed or crawled or otherwise noticed on the Internet.


To get to the top of a search engine ranking today requires a comprehensive structure which marries search engine optimization and social media marketing. Each strategy builds off of the other and creates a much better profile for a landing page that either could alone.

For instance, one of the easiest ways to build links for your landing page is to simply create social media profiles and put a link to your landing page on that profile page. This usually also gives you access to friends and groups by which you can expand your reach much more easily than you could through hard selling your website through other channels.

Also, as Google invests more money in its own social media website, it has promised to start filtering results based on the preferences of your social network. Other search engines and social media platforms will most likely follow suit, as Google is the leader in this field.

Two of the top metrics for which search engine algorithms check are page level and domain level social media profiles. What this means is that to achieve high ranking in search engine, you must get people to like you on Facebook, Tweet you on twitter, plus you on Google and join your network on YouTube. The more friends you have and the more people who comment on your profile and basically communicate with you, the higher the search engine will rank your social media pages, which in turn gives credence to your landing page, as long as your social media pages have one-way links that point back to your landing page.

If this sounds like a handful, it is. Many of the strategies, especially link building strategies that search engine optimization professionals use, have been given major overhauls because the search engine algorithms simply do not respond to the old automated tricks.

Nowadays a search engine algorithm can tell the difference between a legitimate comment and a paid link. This definitely increases the legitimacy of search results, but it also increases the time spent by businesses on building good profiles online.

Do you agree or disagree? Perhaps, I missed something? Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!