text marketingThere are many advantages related to using text marketing. For starters, this type of advertising can be implemented through the use of web marketing; meaning you can send out text messages via the Internet. With the push of a button, you can send millions of consumers a text message to their cell phones or e-mail in which they will find out about great info that is in regards to what your business is offering them.


There is absolutely no reason as to why your small or large business cannot take part in the wonderful world of text marketing, so continue reading below for some great text marketing tips.

1) Observe Privacy Measures

Never should your business send out text messages to consumers that do not opt-in to receive them. Your business should also not take part in purchasing lists that provide you with a list of cell phone numbers to send out messages to. In most instances, purchasing such a list is illegal.

2) Ask for Further Participation

Once you have consumers that opt-in for a certain text messaging program, ask them if they would like to be included in future text promotions. In doing so, you can boost your opt-in status for future text marketing programs.

3) Use a Number of Keywords

If your business uses a number of different medians to market its products and/or services, make sure each median initially uses a different keyword, while at the same time keeping the messages relevant to one another. After each median has been used for several weeks, see which keyword has brought your business the most positive results. For future marketing purposes, use the most profitable keyword within your marketing techniques.

4) Offer Incentives

Offering incentives within the text messages that you send out to consumers can extremely help you boost your company’s profit levels. After a period of time, see which incentives received the most attention and then continue offering them.

5) Understand Vanity Short Codes

Your text marketing will include providing your recipients with a vanity short code. Make sure you always provide them a short code that correlates with a QWERTY keypad.

6) Buying a Short Code Takes Time

In most instances, purchasing a vanity code will usually take between 10 to 12 weeks. In the event that you need to launch a text messaging campaign in a shorter amount of time, remember you can always use a shared vanity short code.

7) Offer the HELP Function

Mobile subscribers to your text campaign will want a HELP feature. Make sure to provide them with this function. In doing so, the only thing subscribers have to do to receive help is text the word HELP to your business’ short code.

8) Offer Your Texts to Other Businesses

Mobile text marketing is not only for consumers. You can offer the same type of marketing to other businesses; this allows them to stay up-to-date on upcoming podcasts, conferences, etc.