After developing and patenting proprietary ship cleaning tools and processes I needed a way to ‘show’ the advantages of this new technology to Ship Owners and Charterers located around the world. I had already made a slide show and a DVD with a local college, and while it seemed cost effective, the DVD was a ‘mess’. Quotations from larger groups were very high and most did not have the experience to integrate my photos, video, graphics and text into a DVD.

While discussing the problem with my Secretary I learned that Digital Synergy had helped her make legal displays for court presentations for several years, and she was very happy with them.

On this project I primarily worked with Sam. After about three sessions we had the ‘bones’ of a good video which I sent to existing clients to critique. Basis their feedback and Sam’s help; after two major revisions we had a self explanatory DVD suitable for potential clients, some with employees who do not speak English or have much experience or technical knowledge.

The great thing about working with Sam and Glen is that they are willing and able to help me to the extent I decided was appropriate while the other professional firms I contacted had very high minimums and hourly rates, and were focused more on high cost Television productions rather than specialized technical marketing. For me the return on the DVD has been exceptionally good. I have mailed it to numerous groups in foreign countries, and show and distribute the DVD to potential clients at trade shows. My Clients in turn show it to their Sailors, Port Captains and the Charterers sometimes show it to the Owners to show them how well they are taking care of the Owner’s ship.

Since making the video I have run out of DVD’s several times and am very happy to be able to call on Digital Synergy to supply and modify the DVD as my technology and its use changes. I am very happy with the creative and technical help provided by Sam and Glen and am very happy to recommend them to others.

Manager Hold Cleaning Technologies LLC