Facebook Fan PagesSocial media sites have changed the way that the internet works. They have changed the way that people connect and do business. They have added one more dimension to the way that the internet has made communication instantaneous. With this is in mind, you need to be sure to use these as well as possible when you are setting up your company. They can really increase the amount of money that you make by increasing the amount of customers that you get. The following are ten tips for using them with your business.

1. Stay In Constant Contact

You do not have to contact each and every person individually, but you should do something to be active on the sites every day. You want people to know that you check your social media pages frequently since that will cause them to be more prone to talk to you and take an interest.

2. Interact With People Personally

As much as you can, respond personally to the things that people ask you through the sites. This shows that you care about your customers.

3. Let Others Interact With You

If there is one thing about the internet that is always true, it is that people like to feel that they can change it, that they can impact it. Allow them to talk to you or to participate in activities — competitions and the like — on your site.

4. Do Not Be Overbearing

If you send out too many messages that appear to be spam, people will get sick of you.

5. Provide Information Quickly When It Is Requested

If someone asks a question, do not make them wait. They will love your company for this, and loyalty is huge in getting people to buy things.

6. Post Pictures

People want to see pictures on the internet. Attention spans are short. The more pictures you can use to replace text, the better off you will be.

7. Post Videos

This will make people feel like they know you. This in turn can cause them to feel connected.

8. Use All Social Media Sites Together

All of the sites have pros and cons. Use them together to get the most out of them. This will give you all of the benefits of the good sites so that you can connect with the most people possible.

9. Link To Your Main Site

You want this to be a portal to your main website, the place where people will make purchases.

10. Run Internet Specials

If you put up specials that are just online, your social media sites will get daily traffic. No one wants to feel like they may have missed out on a deal.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!