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Business Using Your


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Learn How Social Powered Wi-Fi Marketing
Can Help You Generate More Business

How Does it Work?


Customers Connect

Your customers connect to your Free WiFi via smartphone, tablets and laptops.

Customers Login Social

Your customers login easily using social media accounts, emails or sms

Customers Engage Social

Your customers are encouraged to engage socially to increase FB Likes and get rewards

Automated Marketing

Send Your customers automated notificatons about special offers and get real time analytics

Are You Giving Away Free WiFi Without Getting Something In Return?

It’s Time To Make Money From Your WiFi Instead!

With Social Powered WiFi You Can…

Say Goodbye To
Awkward Passwords

No more long, mistake-prone Wi-Fi Passwords which your customers will LOVE

Grow Your
Social Media Fans

Connect and engage with your customers through social media

Increase Your

Get more customers in the door of your business and keep them coming back

Generate Leads
On Auto-Pilot

WE can turn your Free Wi-Fi service into an automated lead generation machine.

Set Up Special Offers & Loyalty Rewards

Reward your customers when they login to your Free Wi-Fi service by giving them special offers

Track Progress With
In-Depth Analytics

Learn WHO your best customers are and how often they visit with full reporting

Want to build customer loyalty from your Social Powered WiFi?

Get Your Promotions Inside Your Customers Smart Phone

Cutting edge loyalty solution that lives in your customer’s smartphone Mobile Wallet

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Supercharge Your WiFi To Get Repeat Customers With Loyalty

Keep your customers happy and coming back time and time again!

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Use GPS and Beacon Technology To Get Customer In Your Door

Integrates with proximity solutions to provide an enhanced loyalty experience

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