marketing with social media, how to market with social mediaSocial media marketing is one of the newest and more popular forms of marketing for companies today. This is yet another web marketing tool for your business to help you improve your SEO rankings with. Since almost everyone is using at least one form of social media these days, your chances of attracting customers by utilizing social media marketing is multiplied by thousands, if not more.

More and more companies are turning to sites such as Facebook and Twitter to reach millions of potential customers. It is becoming more acceptable to hear or see a company on an advertisement say follow us on Twitter or become a fan of our page on Facebook. Many companies are thriving using this new medium to promote their company.

With millions of potential customers to be had, this is among one of the fastest growing ways to promote and grow your business.

Many companies are using social media sites to hold giveaways and offer samples of their products drawing more and more traffic to their site on a daily basis. By using these methods of advertising you also increase your SEO rankings which also help in building your customer base.

With that many potential customers up for grabs, it is important that your web marketing campaign be designed with the social media sites in mind. Not all campaign strategies will work on such forums. Your social media strategy must be structured around the format of the media channel you’d like to use.

Consider a contest or instant win game; those have been proven to draw many visitors to your page. Or if your company specializes in custom items, offer a sample if the potential customer likes your page or follows you on Twitter. There are many ways to draw traffic to your page, the options of offering the consumer something that they might be able to win or receive a sample of will almost certainly guarantee your company to get noticed.

If this sounds like a concept that would benefit your company, be sure to choose a company that is known for their ability to promote your company by posting blogs, or just keeping your content current. It is very important to maintain a constant stream of current relevant content on your page that way returning visitors will not have to read something that was on there a month ago – and it is something that the search engines want to see in regards to a good SEO strategy.

The possibilities for this kind of web marketing are limitless. Imagine doubling or tripling the traffic to your site, if you include the social media format into your web marketing process you are bound to notice an increase in visitors and hopefully customers.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!