Social Media Marketing is Not FreeSome say that Social Media is free, which is technically true.  However,  lets not forget that “time is money” and therefore it is not free. In today’s day and age, our time is very valuable and we have to make the most of the tools and resources that we have available to manage our time. Many people have asked me “should I focus my time on Facebook, Twitter, and what about the latest thing Google buzz”. I say, why not take advantage of all of them? Well, the truth is that updating your status on Facebook and tweeting can actually be very time consuming and many have trouble even tweeting once or twice a day.

Over the past few years, millions of people have started engaging in social media outlets such as Twitter but many business are still not involved and wondering if they should join in. One of the biggest reasons for not getting involved is how much time (cost) it will take and if it will actually help their business. Although many boast about the cost being free… remember, it takes time to engage with people and can easily take hours of your day once you get going. So, how do you manage all these social media networks and manage your time more efficiently?

One way to help you manage your time is to use the tools that help you duplicate your status or tweets so that you are only posting in one place, yet it automatically get posted in other sites. For instance, I can post a tweet on twitter and it will automatically appear in Facebook and Linked In. This is a great time saver and it ensures that you can reach a larger audience regardless of which social media network they prefer.

You can also use tools such as hootesuite that allows you to schedule your tweets throughout the day so that all your tweets are not done in one time block. This way you are not bombarding your audience all at once and tweets are delivered at regular intervals. In addition to scheduling it allows you to handle multiple accounts and track tweets. The great part is that this is actually free at the moment, but you should take advantage now as they are planning to charge in the future.

Finally, you can opt to have someone else manage your social media for you. Since, we have determined that Social Media is not free, you just need to decide how valuable your time is and if it is worth it to your business to pay a professional social media company to handle it for you.