SEO Content Writing

We are certain you have heard it time and again – Content is King!  The importance of content is the one constant factor that has not changed since the inception of search engine optimization.  The words on the page are not only important for the search engine robots, but to the human reader as well.  We can help you write quality content for the following SEO web applications:

  • SEO copywriting
  • Blog writing
  • Newsletter writing
  • Article Marketing
  • Press Releases

Why is content so important?

Relevant content is the one factor of search engine marketing that is critical to success not only for the search engines but for your visitors… I don’t think I can stress this point enough. Plus, the need for quality content on your site is more crucial than ever.  Overwhelming research has determined that visitors to your site view good content positively and will often take action from it. It also gives your message more credibility as it benefits your target audience.  A good strategy is to provide content that is custom tailored to your marketing objectives while addressing the expectations of your audience.  This method will set you apart from the crowd and produce amazing results.  Providing unique, relevant content for your visitors is as essential to your success as the products and services you provide, the level of customer service as well as the brand you present with your logo or website.

Additional reasons to publish good valuable content on your site:

  • Search engines love sites that are updated often with fresh, relevant content.
  • The more content on your website, the more key phrases can potentially rank for
  • Having valuable content can attract back links, which helps you rank higher and drives more traffic
  • Relevant content is useful to your target audience and increases the chances that they will result in conversions – such as returning to your site, adding to cart and buying your product, filling out a contact form, downloading a white paper or signing up for your newsletter or webinar
  • If you have web pages with little or no unique content, they might get put in Google’s Supplemental Results, which is not a good thing

Our web content development process includes:

  • Researching your market and understanding your objectives
  • Discovering the most effective keywords for your website
  • Create keyword-rich content from these relevant key phrases
  • Provide drafts of content to be sure we are on track
  • Content approval from client before posting it live on your website

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