Why is Competition Analysis Important for SEO?

First, we need to explain what competitive analysis is… a competitive analysis is an extremely effective method of discovering what your competitors are doing with their online search engine optimization strategy. Understanding your competitor’s strategy, tactics, and their level of success is paramount to the success of any SEO initiative.  If you are ready to embark on a search engine optimization campaign, you absolutely need to know what your competitors are doing in regards to their search marketing efforts, how they got there and how they are doing so well.

What does competitive analysis tell us exactly?

By studying your top ranking competitors, we can better understand why they are ranking well for any particular keyword and we can simulate the same strategy.  Competitive analysis is more important then ever as the search engines have become so much more sophisticated and don’t reveal to the public exactly how to achieve high rankings.

As SEO professionals, our best clue as to what the search engines really want is to analyze competitors that have been successful in attaining top listings for your relevant key phrases.  By analyzing competitors, we can find out where they hot high quality links, how many back links it will take to bring my website to the top of the search engines, discover the exact anchor text I will need to use to outrank my competitors.

What else can we learn from competitive research?

  • Total number of back links your competitor has
  • The Google PageRank of every backlink
  • The exact types of back links—forums, blogs, social media
  • Are these back links homepage links or internal links?
  • The age of back links & how valuable these links are
  • Are you competitors indexed in Dmoz or Yahoo!

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