Search Engine Optimization, SEO, keywords, great keywords, usabilitySearch engine optimization is an important part of having a successful website.  Here are some tips for search engine optimizing your site to make it the best it can be.

Relevant keywords should be used on all of your website’s pages.  After all, Google’s crawlers can’t figure out what your site is about if they don’t have simple keywords to explain it to them.  If you have a site about rockets for example, make sure you have not only the keyword ‘rocket’ but also ‘space ship’, ‘shuttle’, and other space related keywords in your content.  “The page title is the single most important on-page SEO factor.”  The importance of keywords for your site cannot be overestimated.

Social media marketing is great tool to use with SEO.  Facebook, Twitter, and similar social networking sites are the perfect place to interact with customers, get feedback and suggestions, and promote new deals, products, and content.  The key to successfully and effectively using social media is not to spam people or constantly talk about yourself, but to become a part of the conversation and build a community.

A truly great website has great content.  This is Google’s definition of a great site as well as the average customer.  People don’t just use the internet to shop, they use it to get information and entertainment as well.  “If you’re selling the same widget that 50 other retailers are selling, and everyone is using the boilerplate descriptions from the manufacturer, this is a great opportunity…Plus, retailer or not, great content is a great way to get inbound links.”  The keywords you use in your context should be linked as anchor text so that spiders know what the link is about.  “Click here” isn’t very helpful to them.  Although you should use keywords on your site, make sure that your content isn’t just a bunch of jibberish with keywords stuck in.  There is nothing more frustrating for a visitor than to come to a site and not find anything about the keyword they followed to get there.  Usability is a large portion of a successful site, so make sure that it is a user-friendly, easy to navigate space.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!