new tips in seoMany website owners are concerned about the future of SEO. Panda and Penguin, Google’s recent algorithm updates, have turned the SEO world upside down. For this reason, website owners must use creative strategies to rank sites high in search engine listings and continue to attract visitors.





Press releases are critical for attracting the traffic you need to make your online business profitable.

One of the most obvious ways to use press releases is to post them on your own website. This provides valuable content that search engines use to ranks your site. You can create a separate section of your site specifically for press releases or integrate them into your main content.

When crafting press releases, you must strike a balance between using keywords and writing for a human audience. Google’s algorithm updates have rendered thin, keyword-heavy content useless for improving website search engine rankings.

Write for your audience first. Your press releases should provide interesting, valuable information for your website visitors. Although keywords are still important, they should play a secondary role. Consider whether you would want to read your press release and whether the content would compel you to find out more. If your press release content is engaging, it will likely fare well in search engine rankings.

Use synonyms to vary your content so that you do not overuse keywords. This can increase the usefulness of your press release pages in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Varying your content with synonyms also makes your press releases flow more smoothly, which increases the likelihood that your visitors will continue reading and respond to your call to action.

You can also add images to press releases on your own websites to improve SEO. Your images should be relevant to your press release content and should encourage your visitors to keep reading. You can add captions and tags to your images to target keywords you want your sites to rank well for. As with your content, though, avoid “keyword stuffing” to keep search engine spiders from viewing your pages as spam.

Engaging press release content also encourages sharing on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Links from users on these sites encourage friends and contacts to visit your press release pages, which helps generate traffic and can increase sales and leads.

You can improve shares and links by posting information about your press releases on your own social media pages. Your posts can encourage click-throughs by asking questions that are relevant to your press release content. You can also ask readers to share your posts to maximize visitor traffic to your press release pages.

There are several high-profile press release sites where you can upload and post press release content to improve visitor traffic and SEO. Some of these sites are free and others charge monthly subscription fees in order to post press releases. Posting press release content to these sites can boost traffic by directing visitors who frequent these sites to your own website pages. These sites typically also allow you to include links in your press release content. These links can improve the importance of your site in the eyes of search engines, which can improve your website rankings.

Consider proposing press releases as guest posts on other sites and blogs in your niche. Blog and website owners commonly look for fresh content to keep visitors coming back and build SEO for their own sites. Guest posts allow site owners to continue building content without having to take the time to research and write new articles.

When you craft press releases for guest posts, keep in mind that the audience may be different than your own. Take the time to thoroughly review the host site to understand the style, tone, and content. If you propose a post for a blog, read the comments visitors have left for several posts so you can understand what visitors are looking for and how they react to different types of content. The time you spend on research will help you effectively target your message toward the host site’s visitor base.

Employing a natural strategy when writing online press releases and using multiple channels to attract visitors can help ensure that your press releases attract leads and customers for your business. By thinking like a potential customer, you can determine what to write, which style to use, and where to distribute your press releases to maximize readership.