link building

Submitting guest posts on authority sites is one of the best things you can do to improve your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). Most guest posts contain a link back to the author’s website, which adds to the social proof Google seeks when evaluating the usefulness of a site for its searchers. Of course, each post also increases your visibility with your target audience and will draw some readers back to your site.




Inbound Links for SEO

At the end of the day, there is only so much you can do on your domain to make your site visible to the search engine spiders. Google made its name in search by evaluating inbound links to determine how popular a site is with other websites.

Many have tried to game Google’s ranking mechanism by using blogrolls, spun content, link farms, and do-follow commenting strategies. Google has fought back in recent years by demoting websites with questionable content or link relationships with low-quality sites.

Guest posts provide a link relationship that meets the rigorous standards that Google and the other search engines would like to impose on all links. A guest post on an authority website related to your niche demonstrates your expertise in the subject and your connection to others in your field. A link from the content to your site carries more weight than having your link appear in a list or widget.

Find Guest Posting Opportunities

In order to find guest posting opportunities, you should begin keeping a spreadsheet of blogs in your niche. Make a note of each blog’s guest policy if published on its site. You can also find blogs by searching a keyword string with the words <em>guest post</em>, like <em>fencing guest post</em> for opportunities on fencing blogs.

While making a name for yourself online, you may need to work your way up to the more prominent blogs in your niche. Aim for placing your articles on mid-range blogs more likely to consider a newcomer’s work, and then you will build a file of clips you can cite when pitching the big sites.

You can help smooth the way to getting your posts accepted by building a relationship with a blogger ahead of time. If you read posts regularly and comment, it is likely your name will more familiar to the author and readers, which will increase your chances.

Pitch Perfect

Take the time to research a blog before pitching. Review their policy, check recent posts to be sure your offering is fresh, and make sure they publish the sort of articles you are suggesting. In other words, try not to send a top ten pitch to a how-to blog. Once you get comfortable with the pitch and have a list of suitable blogs, you will find guest posts for link building is one of your best SEO secrets.