Over the past few months, Google has made a series of updates to its search algorithm that has changed the way webmasters perform their search engine marketing. In order to successfully run a search engine optimization campaign for your website these days, you need to be cognizant of these changes so that you can alter your strategy to get the most from your SEO campaign. Below are a few tips you can use to help improve the results you see when trying to get your website to rank on the first page of the search results for a specific keyword.

Improve your Content

Among the biggest changes Google made to its search algorithm is rewarding websites for having high quality content. While Google still cannot discern what is and is not good content on its own, the search engine can use different factors to help decide whether or not your website is providing high quality content.

One thing Google now looks for is on-page factors such as time on site, bounce rate and page views to determine whether or not your website is providing high quality content. Google’s thinking is that if someone visits your website and views multiple pages for a prolonged period of time then your website must provide something of value to that reader. If Google decides this is the case, then your website will be rewarded with a first page ranking.

Better Quality Backlinks

Backlinks have always been at the forefront of search engine optimization, but now the type of links you build for your website matters even more. Before, you used to be able to build links from anywhere on the Internet such as forum profiles and blog comments and it would not negatively affect your rankings. As long as you had a large quantity of backlinks, your website’s rankings would improve. Nowadays, this is not true as it is more important to get backlinks from high quality, relevant websites.

A good way to get these types of backlinks is by writing guest posts for popular blogs in your industry. Writing a well thought out, interesting article for a blog that is related to your website will help you secure a high quality backlink that Google will love. The more links you can get similar to this type the better off your website’s rankings will be in the future.

Anchor Text Diversity

When creating backlinks for your website, it is important that you carefully consider the anchor text you are using for each link. Before the latest Google updates, you could simply use the same anchor text for all of your links and see your website’s rankings for that term increase. Now, this is not the case and you can actually receive a penalty if you use the same anchor text too frequently. Mixing up the variation of keywords you use as your anchor text will help you avoid any Google penalty for anchor text over optimization.

Also, do not forget to use generic anchor text words such as “click here,” “Visit this site,” and “website” as this will help make your backlink profile appear more natural looking.

Build a Social Presence

Social media is becoming more and more important in the search engine marketing world. Not only can social media drive traffic directly to your website, but it can also help increase your website’s rankings when your followers send your site’s links to their social circle. These organic backlinks will help your website move up the search engine rankings while helping your build credibility within your industry.

When creating content for your social media accounts, it is important to remember to provide your followers with nothing but high quality content. This will get people talking about your website via their social media accounts and have them coming back to your account in the future to see what else you have written. When you can get people around the Internet sending links that point to your website to their friends, you will see a dramatic increase in your website’s rankings.

There is no doubt that the recent Google search engine algorithm updates have changed the SEO game. Webmasters now need to rethink their SEO strategies in order to get the most out of their search engine marketing campaigns. Providing valuable content, finding high quality backlink opportunities, using a diverse set of anchor text keywords and building a social media presence are some of the ways you can help improve your search engine optimization campaigns.