If you have a website, you already know that quality content is very important and it often one of the factors I like to push most. On the other hand, content alone will not get you very far. You must have quality content along with search engine optimization techniques (both on page and off page) if you want your website to be seen. You should know that an important aspect of SEO is to have a website that is a quality resource that will attract those that wish to link to your website. However, this is usually easier said than done.  In order to rank high with the search engines you have to know what some of the best practices are in regards to writing content for SEO. Basically, you have to know what quality content is and how to ensure the search engines credit your quality content and rank you accordingly. In essence, for search engines to rank you high, you have to have content that is relevant and link worthy.

Important on-page SEO factors for content writing

If you want to get attention for your keywords, you must first do a bit of on-page SEO work behind the scenes and work at getting the attention of the search engines to show that your content is relevant and easily crawled.

When you write quality content for your website you should not just focus on keywords, but also other factors including headings, bold keywords, title tag, body text, outbound links, variations of keywords, ALT attributes, and of course provide link worthy content.

  • You should use headings – the best way is to use h1 and h2 tags. There are a total of six heading sizes, but as long as you utilize these two you will be doing great.
  • •Use bullet points whenever possible
  • Make your keywords bold at the top of the page or at least in the top portion of the page. This will give you the best effect.
  • Behind the scenes in the html or php use your keyword exactly and separate the keyword from any other text you wish to use. The best way to separate the keyword in the title tag is with hyphens.
  • The body content should use the exact keyword along with other variations of the keyword, but it should flow properly throughout the text. Once again using the exact keyword or keyword phrase as close to the beginning of the content as possible.
  • Using outbound links and internal links with your keywords will help with your search engine rankings, but do not go overboard. This attempt should also flow naturally and smoothly.

As stated above look for variations of your keyword and keyword phrases to use in your content. Just use what is significant instead of trying to match words with the same or nearly the same meaning. Images on your page should use your main keyword as well at least the ones near the top of the page.

So what makes my content link worthy?

The best way to answer this is to ask the following questions:  Do you have content that others will want their visitors to read? In order to be link worthy, you must have content that is important and is centered around your keywords. This means if your keyword is web marketing Los Angeles, CA, you want content that is pertinent to web marketing in Los Angeles, CA and not articles on scuba diving or pictures of Europe.

Link worthy websites are normally resources that individuals like to bookmark and visit again due to the interesting or important information provided. If your website offers breaking news in the world, in the tech world, in baby products, in schools, etc…, you would be considered an important resource or news worthy resource and yes, achieve links from others interested in your news content.

For instance, you could have a website that offers valuable information that could be used for research on any subject from history or product reviews. If you have all kinds of research on your website, visitors will come and of course, you will begin to see more incoming links and people will begin to link to you naturally.

Everyone likes to voice their opinion and if you could possible have a bit of controversy on your website, you will certainly get the traffic. On the other hand, before you givee your opinion it would be in your best interest to know the subject well and be informed or you may lose visitors instead of gain links.  Although controversy is a good method for content and establishing interest, you don’t want to over do it.

How to format your content

The best way to format your content is with short paragraphs, which are easier to read and understand. Images can help break up your content and give your visitors something pretty to look at while reading. If at all possible, use graphs or other imagery to help your reader get the message. Headings are important for breaking up the content as well. People can get bored very quickly in today’s fast-paced world even if they are interested in your content. Watch your spelling and grammar. Bad grammar and misspelled words can be a webmasters downfall. This type of content causes webmasters to lose credibility. Let the content flow. You do not want to jump from one topic to the next and all around the topic. Stay focused and flow smoothly.

No matter what your niche. Stay ahead of all the news that comes out on your subject. This can be done very easily with Google with news alerts that will be sent to your email pertaining to your topics.

Do not copy and paste. If you love an article, you found, read the article and then write it in your own words. Copying someone’s work is plagiarism and is also lazy. If you loved, an article and wish to use it be sure to give reference to the author and then add your own thoughts good or bad. Remember one major thing while you are searching for news or research on your subject. Just because someone has put information on the internet, does not mean it is 100% accurate. Find more than one source that agrees with the information you found before you speak it as truth.

Finally, according to your website and your keywords you should remember to stay on topic. If your niche keywords is Great Pyrenees dogs, then do not talk about a German Shepherds, however, if you have a website dedicated to dogs you can offer information on any breed, toys, food, etc… Remember, once you have deemed yourself an expert on the topic, don’t go off and write content that has nothing to do with your expertise or you will lose readers.