seo uses, what is seo, why use seoThere is an art to SEO content writing. Writing needs to not only be grammatically correct and engaging, but it also must meet technical standards required to achieve a high ranking in the search engines. These five tips will help websites write better content for their pages.

Write Unique Content:

There is no duplicate content penalty according to Google. However, only the best ranked page will show by default in the SERPs. Content writers should strive to keep their writing as unique as possible, using tools like CopyScape to check their results.

Create Keyword Rich Content:

Articles that are meant to capture traffic for a single keyword should contain a density of approximately 2% to 6% for that keyword. However, websites should also ensure that they include as many related keywords as possible while maintaining a natural tone. The major search engines understand that keywords and phrases often come in groups. A page may be ranked more highly for target keywords if the search engine detects these related words and phrases.

Keep Content Focused on a Single Subject:

Writing that is focused on a single topic naturally has better keyword density and occurrence of related keywords than does content that skips from topic to topic. When writing an article, try to keep it focused on a single subject. If need be, create series of interlinked articles to explain items in greater depth. This tactic of interlinking can also be used to refresh old articles that provide visitors with more information on a topic. New links to old content is the equivalent of the search engine receiving a signal that an article or blog post is still as fresh and relevant today as the day it was written.

Write Useful and Relevant Content:

Most businesses understand the importance of backlinks to their website’s ranking in the search engine results pages. The easiest way to generate these links automatically is by crafting useful, relevant content that visitors will want to share with others and reference as resources in their own writing. Detailed articles that describe how to perform a task, offer free tips or debunk myths on a topic are great examples of articles that visitors will love to read and share. In addition to boosting ranking in search engines, websites might find that their level of direct traffic increases as well.

Outsource to SEO Content Writers:

Many business outsource their SEO content writing to qualified professionals working within their industry. Content is generally paid for by the word and rates are commensurate with the quality of writing requested. In addition to generating completely unique content, writers can also rewrite content to pass uniqueness standards for link building via guest blogging and article marketing.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!