SEO Content WritingYou have probably read some “SEO optimized” articles, which made absolutely no sense at all. Instead of focusing on just writing good relevant content, their main objective was solely for search engine optimization.  For them, it was all about keywords. Not that SEO content writing is bad – it is just important to make sure that the content of the articles is worth reading and provides value to its target audience.

Here are the top 4 reasons relevant SEO content is so important and why you should be providing it for your search engine marketing efforts on a regular basis.

1. Readers enjoy the information provided.

When your readers enjoy reading  your articles, they get involved with the material, and are more likely to stay on your website longer. Perhaps the article is something you have put out on the web to draw people to your website. In that case, they might be more likely to click on the link and end up on your website.  Furthermore, they may subscribe to your RSS feed and possibly bookmark it to social media sites or they may add it to their personal favorites, and perhaps even pass it on to a friend.  This is exactly how your content can become “viral”.

2. You’re the expert.

If you have well-written SEO articles, they will clearly show your knowledge on your business. A well-written article will establish your site as an authority in your niche and will add credibility to your business.  Assuming you write in an honest open style, or make sure the articles are written this way, your readers will surely be impressed. They will see you as someone they can count on since you are providing them with valuable information for free!

3. Website visitors will become customers.

When people enjoy reading your material, they will stay on your website longer (search engines like that). When they see you as an expert and find you to be honest and credible, they will be more apt to purchase products and services from you.  Even if they do not become customers right away, they may subscribe to your newsletter, or download your material, which helps with branding and will be more likely to purchase from you in the future when they do those things.

4. Search Engines love fresh content.

Providing SEO content is something that not only makes sense from a search engine optimization point of view but also for the reader.  Search engines thrive on good relevant content and will index your pages if you provide it to them.  This is a perfect opportunity to inform your target market, while providing the search engines with exactly what they want.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!

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