Why are Link Building Services so Important?

Building links is essential to search engine optimization as it helps to increase your link popularity. Link popularity is one of the most important factors that search engines use in determining your position in the search engine results (SERPs) for your specific key phrases. Link popularity helps search engines determine how popular or “credible” your site is by verifying how many quality links you have pointing back to your site. Long story short, the search engines give higher rankings to web pages that have important and relevant sites linking to them.

Link Building is the process of finding quality related relevant websites and getting them to link to your website. Natural link building is the best kind of link to have and happens when your site has enough compelling content on it that other sites will link to without being asked. Link building strategies has been around for years and there are many tactics used; some of which you should stay away from. For example, you should be careful not to link to any “bad neighborhoods” as this will affect your rankings negatively. Also, the search engines have become much more sophisticated over the years. As a consequence, to be successful in building links today, you need a mix of links coming from many link sources such as articles, press releases, social media, blogs, directories and more.

As you can imagine, establishing new link partners is a tedious and ongoing process. Your competitors are surely hard at work trying to attain the best quality links to out do you and the search engines know if you are acquiring links naturally on an ongoing basis. Having a link building strategy in place is beneficial for helping increase your top listings and also helps deliver traffic from these link partners who are linking back to you.

Implementing the right combination of link building strategies either through your own efforts or through a professional search engine firm such as Digital Synergy will help deliver top rankings on Google and many of the other top search engines.

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