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Email marketing is an essential component for anyone who wants to promote his or her online business. Most marketers agree that email marketing turns website visitors into lifetime customers more quickly and less expensively than any other marketing vehicle.

Benefits of E-mail Marketing:

– Collect a valuable database of interested visitors

– Create & test e-mail marketing campaigns

– Ability to easily track results

– Drive Repeat website visits

– Establish better relationships with customers

– Increase customer lifetime value and sales

Most website owners do not take advantage of the potential opportunities available to them by simply incorporating an email marketing campaign as part of their overall web marketing strategy. This is mostly due to the fact that websites have traditionally been underestimated in regards to its ability to establish relationships with visitors. Instead, websites have typcially been used as just an online storefront where visitors can only make online purchases, or simply as an electronic company brochure.

In either case, each website visit is taken for granted and seen as an independent “website session”. Typically, little attempt is made to establish long-term relationships with these website visitors, which is a huge mistake as you are losing out on potential business. By utilizing an email marketing strategy, individual website sessions can be nurtured into ongoing communications that often results in increased customer lifetime value and recurring sales.

Email marketing is a powerful tool that all website owners should take full advantage of. We can help you promote your products and services with an e-newsletter or web marketing promotions and special offers you can send to your target market.

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