search engine marketing tipsIt’s important to make sure you’re not left behind as new changes encompass the world of search engine marketing, SEO, and web site design. In the old days, the technical process of optimizing your content had nothing to do with social media. With the advent of Google+, the algorithm has changed in such a way that your searches are now tied closely to your social network.


Getting Started With Google+ for SEO

Today, without question, most SEO services will implement some aspect of Google+ into their strategy. In order to use this, you must sign up for Google+ and create a Brand Page. These are company specific profiles that are integrated with the service, and these socially driven sites use their own set of rules.

Google’s new feature, “Search plus Your World” analyzes the social relevance of web sites as they relate to your network. As a result, your Google+ brand page has the potential to appear first on search results, beating even the best traditionally optimized sites.

This, of course, has huge potential. A well-targeted Brand Page can be quickly optimized to gain traffic without lengthy waiting periods as your site gradually ascends the page rankings. This means low cost web advertising campaigns with the potential to greatly expand your brand.

How to Gain Google+ Traffic

The first thing to remember is that it’s still important to use keywords on your Google page. The “introduction” page needs to contain your targeted keywords. This part is fairly straightforward, and as with any SEO strategy, it’s important not to overstuff your articles with excess keywords. Keep most of them in the introduction, and then use one or two throughout the rest of the article.

The next step is to acquire followers. With every follower and Google +1 recommendation for your page, your search engine power goes up. By example, a celebrity musician with thousands of followers will have a huge advantage in the search engine.

This means that it’s important to enhance your general popularity as your first priority during your web site development. It’s important to increase your viral presence and attract followers to your blogs and promotional efforts.

If your brand already has a strong presence on another social media site like Facebook, try offering incentives to encourage users to switch to Google+. Otherwise, focus on high quality content that naturally provides incentives for fans to +1 your page.

In Summary

For marketers that already have a strong social media presence, Google+ promotion is a snap. But for others, the process of developing a large social network may seem intimidating, as it becomes even more necessary to develop a reliable fan base. Ultimately, a social media driven search engine marketing strategy means enhancing your content to attract legitimate followers who appreciate your service—which is something business owners should be doing anyway.