Showcase Your Own Video Testimonials for Your Business

Here’s What You Get

  • Customized Video Branded to You and Your Company
  • Your Videos Get a Professional Spokes Model to Represent Your Company
  • Video Commercials are Shot in a Hollywood Style Studio Setting
  • Your Customer 5- Star Testimonials are Featured in Your Video
  • Prime Time Graphics and Animation Effects
  • Green Screen Technology Used For “On-Location” Effects
  • Professionally Edited Video Commercials That Positions You as a Market Leader
  • Video Editing, Audio Editing, Video Optimization and More…

Focus Group Studies Reveal

Studies show that 72% of people surveyed, said they’d pick up the phone and call your business after watching the video
We also found that 67% said they’d refer a friend to that business after watching the video
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Reputation Video Marketing Services:


Digital Synergy is a highly skilled and experienced web marketing firm working with companies all across the country.  We provide you with proven web marketing solutions — from Reputation Marketing to Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Facebook Advertising.

Our team is knowledgeable and highly focused.  If you are in need of reputation marketing or just about any other facet of web marketing, we can help you. Contact us now to increase visibility, drive traffic, build your online reputation and convert leads for your business.

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