marketing tool QR codesMany products are now sporting QR codes. These types of codes are very advantageous when it comes to boosting a business’ profit levels, because they are an excellent way to cram loads of business related information into a small amount of space. This makes QR codes a great marketing tool to have in your arsenal.


Most QR codes are printed onto a products label, and they appear as a black module or barcode that is printed in square box with a white background.

In order to read a QR code, a person needs a QR barcode reader; however, some camera phones have the ability to read them too. There are a large number of apps that can be downloaded to mobile phones to read QR codes. Many of these are available for download at no cost. For those consumers who have Blackberry or iPhones, specific apps are available for them. These types of codes were created many years ago, but only recently have they been more commonly used by the general public.

Advantages of QR Codes

1) Anywhere, Anytime

QR codes are convenient to consumers because they can literally be read anywhere at anytime. With the simple push of button, QR readers and many cell phone cameras alike, can decode a QR code. Immediately after scanning the code, the device being used decodes the embedded data and presents the contained information.

2) Global Usage

These types of codes are being used all over the world. Even though they were originally developed in Japan, they have quickly made their way over to Europe and the United States.

3) Multiple Uses

QR codes have a variety of uses. Through their simplicity, users of QR codes are able to quickly access websites, view and send text/image messages, as well as dial phone numbers.

4) Social Media Benefits

To help make the sharing of identities easy, social media sites can use QR codes by linking them to profiles.

5) Business Cards

QR codes are an excellent tool to print on business cards, especially since these types of cards tend to be so small in size. A large amount of information can be embedded into the data of a QR code, making it simple for clients and consumers to easily access much more than the little bit of information that is printed onto the card.

6) Uses in the Hospitality Segment

Hotels and restaurants alike extremely benefit when providing guests with QR codes. Guests are able to scan the codes and see what local attractions are close by, as well as access useful information that pertains to incentives or promotions that the hotels and/or restaurants may be offering.

7) Uses in the Retail Industry

The use of these codes in the retail industry helps to facilitate purchases. For example, movie theaters are able to allow the purchasing of tickets through QR codes. Also, many food products have these types of codes as a way to provide consumers with a detailed list of ingredients and recipes.