Google recently completed testing on a new tweak to their AdWords Quality Score algorithm. This change is designed to give more weight to landing pages that Google deems have value for the searcher, raising the Quality Score for those ads. A higher quality score should lead to higher ad positions at lower bids with this pay per click marketing platform.


Google Algorithm Changes

Google and the other search engines are always seeking new ways to stay ahead of those websites that seek to game the system and promote themselves above other websites. Google claims to push as many as 500 changes a year, always striving to provide the highest quality content to searchers.

This Google AdWords tweak follows two highly publicized changes to the search algorithm earlier this year. Known as the “farmer” and “panda” updates, those sought to devalue the rankings of link farms and other large sites that pushed low quality sites high in the rankings.

Why the AdWords Change?

Google has always stated that the Quality Score exists to provide searchers with the most relevant, quality results for their keywords. However, they were finding instances where low-quality landing pages were winning top ad positions. When that happens, it lowers searchers’ confidence in a search engine, so Google sought a solution that would detect and reward quality.

What Will It Do?

After testing in Brazil, Spain, and several other Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking countries, Google is confident that they have settled on a tweak that will better assess the value of a landing page and reward the better ones with a higher Quality Score.

In the coming weeks, Google will crawl every AdWords ad landing page and determine a new Quality Score using the adjusted algorithm.

Who is Affected?

Everyone who runs pay per click marketing campaigns on Adwords will have their landing page assessed. If that includes you, then you may experience some swings in ad position temporarily, but once every page is crawled, ad positions will steady again.

What Can You Do?

The best thing you can do to improve your AdWords Quality Score is to create landing pages that are highly relevant to the keywords on which you are bidding. Consider splitting your campaign into different ad groups so you can write specific landing pages targeted to each ad group.

When you optimize for a high Quality Score in AdWords, you will be rewarded with:

* Higher ad position
* Lower cost per click
* Better connection to customer
* Increased opportunities to convert customers

Google maintains that this AdWords tweak corrects for a flaw in their algorithm that had been rewarding the wrong landing pages. They expect most websites striving to provide relevant landing pages will not experience any adverse effects due to the change.

Do you agree or disagree? Perhaps, I missed something? Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!