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Customer Acquisition
Starter Program

Get highly-qualified phone calls delivered to you exclusively with all of our plans.  If you want to test the waters out slowly first… no problem!   Just sign up with our starter program, which gets you 8 LIVE phone calls from real customers needing your services right away!  Want to scale up your business?

It’s simple, just order more calls as the sky is the limit.  Remember, you only pay for qualified calls with our unique Pay-Per-Performance model.   Choose a plan below and get your phones ringing as soon as tomorrow!

  • Contact Information

  • Credit Card Information

  • Visa
  • Order Summary

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Exclusive Highly Qualified Leads
    (Via phone calls only / No web forms)
  • Your Leads Are Never Shared or Resold
    (Never fight with competitors over same leads)
  • All Calls Go Directly to You
    (To phone number you provide us)
  • Email Alerts with Call recordings
    (Sent to your email)


You Are Only Billed For:

  • Qualified Leads, Which Are:
  • For Services You Offer
  • For Calls In The Areas You Cover
  • For Calls With Intent to Buy
    (Services you offer)
  • For *Missed Calls
  • For Calls Over 30 Seconds


We Do Not Bill For:

  • Web Forms
  • Sales/Marketing People
  • Automated Software
    (Robo dialers, Etc.)
  • Outside Your Service Area
  • People Looking for Jobs


More Features:

  • All Calls Are Recorded In Real Time
    (Available via our web-based dashboard)
  • No Long-Term Contracts!
  • We Monitor Calls & Block Spam Calls
    (Spam gets blacklisted to prevent future calls)
  • Cancel At Any Time
    (30-Day Email Notice Required)

*  Missed Calls:  We DO Charge for Missed Calls, so if you do not answer calls, you are missing valuable business opportunities we are providing you,  Please call the missed calls back and get some business from them!


  • We Take On 99.9% of Risk
  • Privacy Guaranteed
  • 100% Secure Information