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We are very proud that we have established long-standing relationships with a versatile set of clients over the last 12 years, from small businesses to larger size companies. Some of the clients we have worked with over the years include Fox Family Worldwide, Walt Disney and ABC Cable Networks Group, just to name a few.

As you can imagine, these high profile clients demand positive results and expect nothing less from our services. Our ability to maintain long-standing relationship with such clients is a true testament to our dedication for their success. We have also had the pleasure of working with much smaller businesses such as “ma and pa” shops and have helped them achieve online success with the same level of commitment and dedication.

Proven Track Record !

Our clients have seen impressive results from our Search Engine Positioning strategies. We have driven thousands of qualified leads to their sites via organic search engine optimization for just a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods. We can do the same for you

Case Studies

Please see some of the case studies we have featured below

Synopsis: This client initially approached Digital Synergy in order to improve its online visibility and increase web traffic utilizing search engine optimization back in 2003. This e-commerce site had very little traffic at the time that we were approached by the client and had some serious marketing issues that needed to be addressed. Through our initial efforts, we were able to increase premium positions on the search engines 627% and we increased web traffic 297%. We also managed to increases sales 350% in the first few months of our seo campaign.

Our web marketing efforts were so effective at driving visitors to the website, that we were then asked to develop an even more comprehensive web marketing strategy to help improve web sales even further. To meet these needs, we recommended a restructuring of the site that entailed a total re-design of the site to help improve navigation, functionality and usability.

To date we have increased sales conversions 1,502% and this figure is still climbing. In addition, we were asked to create an interactive tool that would allow visitors to design their own t-shirts and graphics online which needed to be fully integrated with their existing shopping cart. Our creative and technical knowledge of the industry and ongoing maintenance and monitoring of trends have helped with the success of this web initiative.

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Environmental Diseases

Synopsis: Dr. Nachman Brautbar, a well known forensic toxicologist that is best know for his expert testimony in the Erin Brockovich case asked Digital Synergy to design and develop an online presence for his website that would help further position him as a leader in environmental toxicology. After determining the marketing issues, we created a web development and web marketing strategy plan. Next, we were able to successfully brand this client’s services by increasing his top listings in the major search engines and increasing his traffic over 412% in the first year!
We also implemented a database system that would allow the client to easily track inquires and store them in a database system for further marketing efforts such as email marketing. Our results-driven techniques have been a prime factor in keeping this high profile client happy over the last five years.
Achieving success with the search engines, the client has increased the amount of continuous leads they receive regularly and we are currently discussing further strategies that will improve his top-listings even further.

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Bride n’ Bloom

Synopsis: This client approached Digital Synergy over a year ago to help design, develop and market its offline flower and wedding business online. Although the client already had an existing site, it was not getting qualified web traffic due to a poor presence on the web. As per our recommendations, the client agreed to a complete design and overhaul of the website.
The challenge was to establish an online presence in a highly competitive market with limited funds. We met the challenge and our team came up with viable solutions that would allow for a full-scale development and marketing initiative with limited risks to the client.

The approach has turned out to be effective as we have achieved premium top-rankings in the major search engines for the newly designed site, going from 16 top-positions in the first month to 348 top-positions a year later; this translates to a 2075% increase in top listings.

In addition, through our discovery process, we determined that we needed to expand heavily on the site’s wedding related products. Due to the success we have already demonstrated, the client has eagerly agreed to move forward by enhancing its product line and we are now well into the development phase of this project. Our initial forecasts for this expansion show that sales conversions for this site should increase by at least 50% within a short period of time.

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Synopsis: Isidora Designs is on online custom handbag boutique that specializes in creating handmade handbags. They have a very unique niche market that actually allows visitors create their own handmade handbags online. The first challenge for us was to come up with a look and feel for the website that would be appealing to users and easy to use. As part of the development, we had to create a design your own solution that would allow potential customers to create their own bags “on the fly” and see how it looks as they move through the process.

The client was extremely pleased with the end result on her website and always tells us how great everyone thinks the website is. More importantly, we had the biggest challenge of essentially starting from scratch in terms of gaining top search engine rankings in a relatively competitive market, as this was a brand new site that we developed and launched. The Digital Synergy team crafted a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign, which now attracts thousands of visitors to the site monthly.

In relatively short time period, Digital Synergy has developed a successful SEO campaign and has made Isidora Designs more successful then ever, which has allowed more revenue to be budgeted to growing the business even further.

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Central Basin & West Basin Municipal Water Districts

Synopsis: After being awarded a contract for both of these water districts (we beat out many top web design & development firms 3 years consecutively), we were asked to design, develop and maintain each of these respective web sites. The end result was a complete success as each district was extremely pleased with the websites we had developed and impressed by our ability to work under such tight deadlines.

We were also asked to develop a custom database system for various “back-end” applications that would be utilized exclusively by staff. As a solution, we implemented a high-end content management system, which enabled staff members to update various sections of their respective websites. As a testament to our success, we were awarded with another 2-year contract with Central Basin in 2006 and asked to re-design their website again as they wanted to completely re-brand their image due to an official split with West Basin Municipal Water District.

We helped Central Basin re-brand themselves with their company identity as well as many various projects such as “Shut Your Tap!” and getting them started with social media with California’s first water blog, “The Water Cooler”

Needless to say, our efforts in rebranding Central Basin has proved successful once again as they renewed our contract yet again for another 2-years, which encompasses web design, web development, maintenance and web marketing for Central Basin.

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Park Water

Synopsis: We were asked to design and develop the Park Water website, which had not been updated in over 10 years. The site needed to be fully revamped and included implementing a full scale content management system that would allow staff to easily update pages “on the fly” or allow other administrators to edit pages before publishing them live.

In addition, full migration of content was needed and several custom components were required to facilitate staff duties. The client was extremely happy with the website makeover we had given it and could not say enough about the way the content management system has facilitated their workload.

Although, this client has not taken advantage of our web marketing services yet, I have been told that they will utilize our web marketing services as soon as they are ready to increase their online visibility and when they can fit it into their budget.

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