You Tube LogoA couple of posts back we discussed why YouTube is something you should consider using as part of your social media strategies for your business and why it’s important. If you missed that post, please check out “How to use YouTube to Your Business Advantage“. Since, then I thought of a few other tips that might be worth mentioning…

Last time, I stated how you don’t want the video to be too dark or blurry. I mean that is pretty obvious right? But you’d be surprised at how many times I come across that issue. Another problem you will want to watch out for is a video that you can’t hear or is difficult to hear. Sound quality is very important when it comes to YouTube videos. I know from personal experience that when I come across videos that I can barely hear, I skip them or find another real quick. While professionally made videos are sometimes nice on YouTube, many people actually expect homemade videos, so don’t be discouraged if you need to put together some videos yourself of your products or company. For example, has some funny, obviously employee made videos of some of their geeky products that have garnered an average of around nine thousand views. Videos that show people having a good time are always a step ahead of the competition. Whether you choose to do a stupid skit to show people what you’re all about or a product demo tutorial or assembling instructions or whatever fits with your company’s purpose and brand; remember that interesting, funny, weird, or odd videos will probably always be a mainstay with YouTube. It also helps if you have regular people in your videos rather than models or actors. People relate more to the average joe like themselves, so consider using your employees, customers, or even yourself to put together your YouTube marketing campaign.

Now that you understand the importance of YouTube for your business, what are you waiting for? Its time to maximize its potential for your company.

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