Follow me Twitter BirdA few posts back we discussed how Twitter is useful for your business, no matter how big or small your business is. If that did not convince you that you should be using Twitter…. I’ll will give you some more reasons and tips that Twitter is definitely worth your time and effort.

Do you know what is being said about your company right now? Twitter is considered the pulse of the internet now with topics being discussed there sometimes before the story even breaks in the news. Tweetbuzzer can help you discover everything that is being said about your business which can be helpful to control negative criticism, find new employees, and just generally keep abreast of your company’s image.

Since your competition is likely on Twitter as well, it is a valuable tool for keeping tabs on what they are doing. “As a web marketer, it’s imperative to understand what is happening in your industry, and your competitors are a great place to start.”

One of my favorite ways to use Twitter is for market research. Many large companies have already recognized the value of Twitter for this purpose and are benefiting from it. Consider that Twitter has an estimated five million accounts using the service. Putting up a simple poll or survey could yield you thousands of responses for free, something that companies used to have to pay big bucks for. Want to know what flavor of soda your customer likes best, or what you should name your new product? Twitter can give you a peek into the minds of your target audience…for free!

Not only can you watch your competition on Twitter, you can also meet with other professionals in your industry and related industries. This gives you a unique chance to interact, ask questions, answer questions and stay current with the latest trends and events in your industry. Even high profile individuals such as celebrities and business gurus are on Twitter, which gives you opportunities to connect that have never been available before.