You Need Mobile Marketing

Why?  Simply put… If your business is not on the “Mobile Web”, your consumers will not be able to find you. The fact is most websites will not work on a mobile phone or various mobile devices. They are slow to load, hard to view and do not offer the right kind of experience for customers on-the-go.

Did you know that there are over 1 billion Smartphone’s in use today? That means that nearly 1 in 7 people on earth have a Smartphone. People are using their phones more and more to do searches on the internet and by the end of 2014 mobile internet search will overtake desktop internet search.

What are the benefits of a mobile website to my customers?

Studies show that visitors who access a traditional website on their mobile phones will abandon the site and look for a competitor with a mobile-friendly website. They often complain about how much time and data is required to load non-mobile friendly sites and how hard it is to find the information they need.

Nearly 95% of Smartphone users find local businesses using their phones and 88% of mobile users will take action to call or visit a business they find. This is a huge opportunity for your business if you position yourself correctly.

Still not convinced? Keep reading…

Studies show that current mobile web-user experiences are just horrible when it comes to viewing and navigating websites. Websites that have not been optimized for mobile viewing are too cluttered and negatively impact the visitor’s ability to locate information.

Did you know that 79% of local businesses do not have a mobile optimized website? This means that when people do a search for these businesses, their websites appear either too small, too large, unreadable, and ugly to the average mobile user.

People have a very short attention span and if they don’t like what they see in the first seconds, they will click away. Also, Google shows preference in their search rankings to businesses with mobile optimized sites.

So if your website is not mobile optimized then it may not even appear in the mobile search results, costing you A LOT of business!

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