building linksAs of late, there has been some argument as to whether or not link building is dead. This has especially been the case since the search engines seem to be cracking down on which search engine marketing techniques can be used. Though building links is a hotly debated subject, it is by no means dead.



If you follow all of the link building strategies that are outlined below, you will see for yourself that this practice is very much alive and will facilitate surefire success.

Obtain social leverage for yourself. Since the use of social networks is ever increasing, social media marketing has become an important means for gaining exposure. Social media marketing is not only a good way to gain exposure; it is also a good way to build backlinks. When people share your blog posts, articles and the pages of your website, this will build legitimate backlinks for you. Using social networks, people will share links in the following ways:

  • People will refer others to your Facebook fan page or Twitter profile.
  • Readers will share your articles.
  • People will like your Facebook posts, causing others to recognize you.
  • Fans and followers will refer to your website in tweets and posts.
  • People will like and comment on your YouTube videos, causing your videos to go viral.

Of course, these are just some of the many ways that backlinks are created on social networks. The five ways listed here are the most popular ones.

You need to link to all of the other pages on your website. Many who are new to SEO will repeatedly link to their home pages and nothing else. While a home page is undoubtedly the most important page on your website, it is essential that you link to all of your other pages, as well as to blog post and any other content that you produce. Linking to other pages besides your home page will also help your links to look natural, keeping you from being targeted by the search engines.

Write your anchor text in a diverse fashion. If you are always trying to get ranked for the same keyword over and over, the search engines will flag you as spam. If you are flagged as spam, you will either have your ranking decreased or risk having your site blocked altogether. The best thing to do is use multiple keywords as your anchor texts. This way, your backlinks appear natural.

Rather than worrying about how many links you have, it is best to worry about the quality of your links. Sometimes, people are so concerned about getting backlinks that they do not care where these links are obtained. These people will post in forums that do not have a good ranking, post to article directories that are not well known, write blog comments in useless places and use link farms. They do not take into account that these methods are a waste of time and will more than likely not get them the results they want. Because you do not want to follow in their footsteps, it is crucial that you obtain only quality links. You can obtain quality links by creating them on sites that have a high ranking and will guarantee exposure, like blogs, Yahoo Answers, newswires and well known article directories.

Produce top notch content. When you are creating backlinks, it is necessary that you ensure that your content is of the utmost quality. Good quality content that is interesting and engaging to read will attract visitors and keep them wanting more. Thus, they will visit your site often and want to maintain a long term professional relationship. Bad content, on the other hand, will affect your professional image. People will forever remember how unprofessional your content looked rather than what products and services you offered. This is the reason that you need to make sure that every piece of content that represents your business is absolutely outstanding.

Submit articles to article directories that have a high page rank. Some will argue that submitting articles to article directories is absolutely worthless. This is only true if you submit to worthless directories. If you submit to article directories that have a high page rank, then you are guaranteed to create quality backlinks and have outstanding exposure. Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Search Warp,, Squidoo, EHow and Article Space are some top directories that you can use to get started.

Ask bloggers if you can guest post. Guest posting on someone else’s blog is a web marketing strategy that is sure to gain you quality backlinks that will last. When you ask to blog as a guest, you need to find blogs that are in your niche. Once you do, you then have to contact the blog owners and ask if it is okay for you to provide an article on their blogs. Be careful that the article is not too promotional. You will be safe if you provide content that serves to inform your audience and subliminally leads them to want to check out your site.

Write a good quality press release about your product, service or company. Press releases are good tools for both on page SEO and off page SEO. Press releases are excellent for on page SEO because if they are picked up by a number of news wires, they will be posted on various sites around the web. Thus, this will contribute to link building that will lead to an increased ranking and site traffic. Off page SEO occurs when your press releases are published in the printed newspapers. If you decide to use press releases to promote your business, be sure to publish them only when you have something really newsworthy to share, such as when a new development in the company takes place or when you wish to introduce a new product or service.

Avoid Link Spam

While getting backlinks is important for establishing your online presence, you want to avoid link spamming. Link spamming is unethical and will get you flagged by the search engines in a hurry. Link spamming includes, but is not limited to:

  • Posting irrelevant comments on blogs.
  • Posting spammy posts in forums.
  • Spamming article directories with poor quality content.

The goal here is to make your links look as naturally as possible. You want to maintain a good image, and you want to avoid being flagged by the search engines at all costs.

Following all of the advice outlined here will ensure that you establish a strong web presence, enjoy massive amounts of traffic and rake in the money. Additionally, you will see how alive link building really is.