link buildingIn the day to day business of building an online presence, it’s not always easy to determine what your next move should be. When it comes to link building, this is especially true.




We all know that you need people to link to your site, and we’re all well aware that it’s best if the links come from relevant, authoritative sites. How do you make this happen? Here are a few tactics you might not know about.


This is a great way to stay in touch with what’s happening on the web, and it can also be a wonderful ink building opportunity.

Start by signing up for alerts from some of the top sources. Start with Google Alerts, the trusted tool of many in the industry. You can also sign up for alerts from Twitter via Twilerts, and Facebook alerts using Hyper Alerts. These tools will send updates to your email address every time a subject gets brought up on the web. The tools focus on high profile personalities and sites, so most of the information comes from trustworthy sources.

Use these methods to capitalize on the alerts for link building opportunities:

1. Answer Questions – If an alert is a question, is it something you can answer? Does the person who’s asking have a blog? Can you answer in the form of a blog post that they can publish?

2. Spot the New Kid on the Block – If your alert is about content written by somebody who is new to the industry, it means they have achieved some success in a fairly short period of time. Get in touch with them and start a relationship that you can leverage in the future.

3. Learn Who the Big Players Are – It shouldn’t take long before you start to notice who keeps regularly popping up in your alerts. This should give you a hint about who’s who in the industry, and whether it makes sense to try opening up a dialogue with them.

4. Check Out Their Link Profiles – Somebody who ranks well enough to get listed in an alert within a day of posting content knows what they are doing. Take a look at their link profile to find out where their links are coming from, and why.

“Broken” Link Building

This is when you spot a broken link on somebody’s site, get in touch with them, and softly suggest that they link to your relevant content instead. Install the “Check My Links” extension in Google Chrome and start using it to search for broken links. This process can be tedious but it is very valuable.

Social Link Building

This strategy is about building relationships through social media and leveraging them for links down the road. This is the basic strategy:

1. Use social search tools to identify people with a potential interest in your content.

2. Identify what category they belong to: the hobbyist, somebody who knows the hobbyist, a professional, or an influencer.

3. Focus half of your efforts on the relatively small number of professionals and influencers, and the other half on the hobbyists and the people who know them.

4. Provide value to these individuals by sharing something with them, offering them something, or simply striking up a conversation. No matter your approach, just make sure that your comments are in context and not out of the blue.

5. Let them know about something on your site that they may find interesting. If they are especially high profile, as if they’d be interested in an interview or guest post on your site or theirs.

These link building tactics are not as well known as some of the others, and can prove especially helpful if you don’t know how to move forward.