Link building SignLink building is not exactly like making friends, but there are similarities. You want to foster relevant links, just as you want to cultivate friendships with like-minded people. It is possible to influence the ranking of your web page on the search engines by linking to sites that the search engines consider authoritative and credible. Finding natural ways to do that can be an important part of your Internet strategy.

Below are 6 basic things you can do to help you get some links and start getting in good with the search engines:

1. Seek out individual websites which you believe would make great additions to your link group. Look for a website promoting a product or service that is similar to yours but does not compete directly with yours. You could start by placing a link to that website on your website, and contact them about it, asking if they would like to put your link on their website.

2. Make the content on your website so informative and provide value that people in related markets will want to link to it. They may put the links directly on their websites, or they may reference your website in newsletters that they then archive on their websites. They may also put up links to you away from their website, in a third party articles or blogs.

3. Provide expert content to article directories which link back to your website. When others are writing articles for which they need a reference, they often include information from your article and its link, which in turn links to your website. You might find your article on another website’s list of related articles. This also establishes the link back to you.

4. Add links to social media websites. Start a campaign to mention your URL on FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media sites. If you have an employee who likes spending time on these types of sites, they will enjoy posting your URL. To make the process work even better, they can spend time building up the friends or followers for your company’s pages on these sites. That means more people will have an opportunity to see the links.

5. Avoid accepting links from just any website. Some websites will hurt your position on the search engines rather than help them. If a website which links to yours has no relevance to your business, it is better to ask them to un-link. Your link building strategy should include ways to weed out links that are not helpful.

6. Send out press releases with a link going back to your website. Presumably, your press release is a news item, giving some tidbit of information about an upcoming event in your company or a new product introduction. Links from news sources are respected links going back to you.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!

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