Facebook and Twitter have dominated social media marketing conversation, and it remains to be seen whether Google Plus will be able to supplant both of these platforms. However, whether Google Plus is important for web marketing is not the question you should be asking in relation to your online strategy.

Where Are Your Customers?

What matters most when deciding where to focus your efforts is where your customers are likely to be found. It doesn’t matter if 750 million users are on Facebook if you know that your customers hang out in genealogy forums. In fact, you may find a more intimate setting gives you more exposure with your target audience.

Some niches and customer demographics spend a lot of time on Twitter, others do not, and we can expect that there will be a similar shake out related to Google Plus. Certain groups will choose to connect on Google Plus, others will choose to stay on traditional networks, and others will be chasing after the next shiny thing.

Identify Your Core Audience

Rather than trying to figure out where everyone will meet next year, you should focus your efforts on identifying your core audience and learning where you can connect with them online today. Once you know who they are and where they meet, you can develop a web marketing plan that builds relationships with these customers. With these relationships established, you can let your audience guide you.

Are they meeting on Google Plus? Then yes, you need to be there too. If not, then maybe your web marketing should focus on other platforms.

Should You Be On Google Plus?

Google Plus has a number of features that many users find more useful than Facebook or Twitter for their personal profiles. Most notably the circles feature encourages you to categorize the people you follow into circles that you can use to protect your privacy and increase the relevance of the information you share. With everyone assigned to a circle, you can easily choose the groups with whom you will share each status, link, or photo.

Before you get too heavily invested in Google Plus, you may wish to consider the following questions:

*Are your contacts on Google Plus?
*Do you have time for another platform or will Google Plus take away from your Twitter and Facebook time?
*Will you merely duplicate your efforts on other platforms?

Keep Your Eye On the Bottom Line

The Internet is full of a great many ways you can spend your time and money. Some are more effective than others, and it remains to be seen whether Google Plus will be important for web marketing.


Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!