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Affiliate Marketing
In this video I’m going to answer the question:  Is affiliate marketing worth it?
I’ll be going over some of the pros and cons and I’ll tell you why you really need youtube to make money with it.
Ok so today we will be talking about affiliate marketing and looking and some of the advantages and pitfalls.
So when people ask me…  is affiliate marketing worth it?   For me, I would say absolutely yes.
However, this is a personal opinion and I think it really depends on what your individual situation, your goals and…
the type of lifestyle you want and hopefully the pros and cons we will cover will help you figure out whether or not affiliate marketing is worth it for you..
First, lets talk about the cons:
  1. It requires a lot of hard work and patience.  Just like anything in life, nothing will come easy and you have to be persistent to make things happen.  This is not a get rich strategy and you need to treat it like a real business.
    If you approach affiliate marketing like most ….
    You will most likely need to design a website, write content, get web hosting, and drive traffic to your site.
    Now, to avoid having to do all this, this is why I say you need really youtube to make money — it just makes things easier and Ill talk to you more about that in a moment… so hang on…
  2. Commission based – this means that you only get paid if a sale is made.  For me, I don’t see this really as too much of a con because all the pros actually make up for this..
  3. High Competition – this is actually due to one of the pros of affiliate marketing… Since there is a low barrier to entry, there are many people that try to get into affiliate marketing
  4. No Control – since you do not own the product, you are limited to what you can say or do
Ok so no lets talk about the Pros of affiliate marketing:
  1. First as I mentioned earlier, there is a low barrier to entry.  It’s extremely easy to get started with no or little money since you do not need to create a product, you don’t need inventory, you don’t need employees — you don’t even need a website or blog as I mentioned earlier – You can do this all with youtube – more on that in a moment…
  2. Billion Dollar Industry – Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry that is actually growing rapidly with lots of opportunities.
  3. High Income Potential – In my last video I showed you some examples of affiliate marketers – with some earning upwards of $100,000 per month.  Now, it’s important to mention not everyone will achieve that level of success, but it is possible.
  4. Work From Anywhere – affiliate marketing allows you to run your business from anywhere in the world – all you need is an internet connection and a laptop — plus, you have the opportunity to focus on a niche that you truly love or a passionate about.
Ok so those are the pros and cons and for me, the pros definitely outdo the cons so to answer the question is affiliate marketing worth it?  I would say absolutely yes!
Affiliate Marketing – YouTube
Now,  I also wanted to tell you more about why you should really focus on Youtube if you are doing affiliate marketing – why?
Well, as i mentioned earlier, if you focus on creating videos you don’t need to worry about web hosting, designing and maintaining a website, or writing long content articles on a regular basis.
Not to mention trying to drive traffic to your website, if you know anything about search engine optimization, it can now take years to get your site ranked on top of Google.
And that requires either paying an SEO company to do the work (which costs thousands per month) or trying to learn it yourself, which is not easy as Google is a moving target.
I know most people are afraid of Youtube because they falsely believe that they need to be on camera or…
they need to develop a persona or have expensive equipment, the list goes on and on… Well, Im here to tell you that is not true
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