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In this video I am going to be answering the question:  Is affiliate marketing dead?
I’m going to be giving you my honest opinion along with the facts about the future of affiliate marketing,
plus I’m going to reveal the best strategy you need to be using if you want to see the best chances for success with affiliate marketing.
Ok so Im going to get right to the point and let you know that affiliate marketing is definitely NOT dead.
In fact, it seems this question comes up all the time as with every industry, there are always changes happening and people start freaking out and basically start false rumors and beliefs.
There are definitely affiliate marketing methods that are still being used, but no longer work and you should avoid at all costs .  Affiliate marketing is not dead but these methods are:
  • spamming affiliate links in groups or comments
  • trying to run ads directly to affiliate links
  • black hat SEO when building website for their affiliate sites
These are old archaic strategies but, unfortunately there are some people still teaching these methods – so you need to stay away from engaging is any spammy tactics.
The internet has evolved.  The way we approached affiliate marketing just 5 years ago no longer works.
So this just means that methods we use for affiliate marketing needs to also change, but that does not mean affiliate marketing is dead.
Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to build relationships with your audience and provide them with value before they make a purchase from your affiliate link.
The days of doing spammy black hat tricks are gone and you need to focus on providing value and using 100% white hat strategies.
And remember stay tuned because in a moment, I am going to share the best affiliate marketing strategy that works best in todays market.
So lets take a look at some facts that can reassure us as to why we can be certain that affiliate marketing is not  going anywhere any time soon.
According to Statista.com
Affiliate marketing spending from 2010 to 2022 (in the US alone) is due to reach 8.2 billion dollars by 2022 – thats up from 5.4 in 2017
As you can see there is a clear trend increasing year after year and there is no sign of that decreasing anytime soon.
According to a report from BusinessInsider.com , it says that about 15% of the digital media industry comes from affiliate marketing.
Also, according to 99.firms, they report that affiliate marketing spending in the United States increases annually by 10.1% and projected to hit $6.8 billion this year.
Some of the largest companies in the world utilize affiliate marketing such as Amazon and Apple just to name a couple…
and based on the numbers, hopefully you can agree that affiliate marketing is not dead or not dying anytime soon.
So now that you can see that affiliate marketing is here to stay, I want to tell you about the best strategy to getting the best chances of success especially if you are just starting out.
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