When creating your internet marketing plan, it is easy to fall into a trap of thinking about the latest, greatest promotion and not leverage the persistence of online promotions. This article proposes ways you can leverage your current promotions to flesh out a long term marketing plan.


Email Marketing: Long Term Follow-up Series

When a customer shares an email address, you now have the ability to email at will. Be sure you have a marketing plan that takes advantage of reaching out to the customers time and time again. In addition to regular broadcasts you send with current promotions, consider having a follow-up sequence that goes out periodically with evergreen information and promotions. Even when your promotions experience a lull, you will have emails driving traffic to your website.

How a follow up series differs from your broadcast:

*Messages don’t need to be rewritten each time they are sent.
*Delivery is automated.
*New subscribers receive all the information they need to understand your brand.

Re-promoting Evergreen Blog Posts

Many sites benefit from an internet marketing plan that includes new blog posts added on a regular basis. While this is great for SEO and bringing subscribers back to your blog, you should not forget you have a gold mine in your blog archive. Many people will not have read your old posts, and even if they have, many evergreen posts are worth reading again at a later date if they offer good insights.

Once you have a deep archive of blog posts, you should consider promoting your backlist along with new material on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and even in your long-term email sequence. This can help new followers benefit from the depths of your knowledge and will also help with your website’s SEO efforts.

Split Testing to Improve Your Internet Marketing Plan

Over time, promotion weariness will set it. People who see the same thing time after time find it easier to ignore your copy. Beyond that, tastes change. What looked cutting edge two years ago, looks tired and trite today. Fashion trends and news items affect how people in all market groups respond to information over time.

Split testing your internet marketing content will show you ways to make incremental changes that add up to a much higher return on your investment.

With a solid follow-up email sequence in place and an archive of evergreen blog posts, you should have the freedom to optimize your internet marketing strategy. With a focus on the long term, you can create a strategy that maximizes today’s promotions with content you will use for years to come.


Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!