There are few web marketing strategies that are less understood than the internal link. Many business owners do not even consider internal link building an integral part of search engine marketing.

If these business owners only knew how important internal link building was to web site development and proper SEO strategy, they would be singing a different tune.

Why Exactly Are Internal Links So Important?

Internal links are like guides for search engine algorithms. If they are properly implemented, internal links can create a “table of contents” for a search engine to more easily index the website. The easier that a website is to index, the higher that the search engine ranking of that website will be. Higher search engine rankings equal higher visibility – this is the singular reason why internal links are so important to all Internet marketing strategies.

What Are the Nuances of a Good Link Building Strategy?

Good internal link building strategies are still anchored by strong keyword choices that will be placed in the anchor text of links. “Anchor text” is the bold or colored clickable text that actually shows up on a webpage to a visitor. Search engines use this anchor text to determine what the link is about and how it should be indexed.

This means that you have an opportunity to create content for many relevant keywords if you have many pages of content. With today’s constantly updated content rolls and syndication techniques, you should have no problem competing for a plethora of search engine keywords that are related to your website.

The search engines have also been improved to punish websites that link to irrelevant content, even irrelevant content that is internal. Make sure that your anchor text terms are related to the content on the page and related to each other. There are many online keyword “spider web” tools that can help you dig up related terms and anchor text.

You also do not want to place too many links inside of one article. Do not bunch them up into one paragraph just to get them out of the way, either. It is good to include especially important themes in bold text or in headers. Search engines deem these types of links especially important. If they are related themes to your website, you have a better chance of achieving a top rank in the search engines for that term or phrase.

Lastly, you should consider phrases before single terms because the competition for these “long tail” keywords is much less prevalent than the competition for single term keywords.