SEO competition analysis, SEO benefitsMany companies depend on their SEO ranking reports to show how their company’s presence on the web is ranked. But what is not showed in these reports is who are the company’s largest competitors and what are they doing differently than your company. Using SEO competition analysis will help see where your competitor’s are ranked and see where you can improve to stay ahead of them.

SEO competition analysis will show you which sites are seeing higher traffic using specific keywords and how you may be able to incorporate some of the most searched for keywords into your SEO program. After you have reviewed the information provided in a SEO competition analysis you will see which keywords you may want to change or enhance in order to obtain a substantial SEO ranking.

Older websites tend to have the highest SEO rankings; this could be because of how well they have utilized SEO keywords and phrases. A company that has been around just as long may not show any significant rankings because they may not be aware of how a properly designed SEO campaign may help attract business to their sites. If these low ranking companies participated in SEO competition analysis they would see where other companies have an advantage based on their technique and how they may be able to improve upon their business simply by using SEO programs.

The use of SEO competition analysis will assist you in optimizing the visibility of your site. Simply by reading everything the report contains you will see areas where you need to grow or cutback in order to become a more visible option for potential visitors who are searching for something that is offered by your company. Many companies fail to realize the importance of high visibility on the web. They may think that all you need to do is set up a site and let the sales begin but what good is a site if you are not bringing any traffic to it?

All in all, SEO competition analysis is something that every company doing business online should take note of. You will have a greater understanding of what is required to achieve the high ranking that your competitors have achieved. It will also help you better understand what you need to improve on and what steps to take to get the attention and sales that you deserve.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!