google traffic resulysWhen people want to improve the number of visitors that their site receives, they usually look to search engine optimization (SEO) to improve their Google search engine ranking. While having a high Google rank does provide more traffic, depending only on Google for the success of a website is a bad idea at best. The fact is that Google is constantly changing their search engine algorithms and indexing systems.

People that focus only on Google not only miss out on traffic from other sources, but they run the risk of having their site die if they lose their Google rank.

This is why people involved in web development and Internet marketing services need to ensure that they are devoting time to developing traffic from multiple sources. This does not mean that SEO content writing should be ignored, just that it should be one of many ways that a website receives visitors. Having a number of links from blogs and social media sites works to improve a site’s Google search engine ranking anyway, so having a rounded approach to web site marketing is best.

Google is constantly changing what it takes to be at the top of their search results. In the last two years, Google has launched Panda, Penguin, Venice and Caffeine. All of these are updates to the way that Google ranks and indexes websites through the search engine. That means people and companies involved in web development need to stay on top of changes and modify websites to fit ever changing rules.

Even worse, due to the way that Google is changing their indexing and ranking systems, sometimes using SEO tactics that worked previously can actually work against a website’s rank. For example, having a large number of backlinks to a website can greatly increase that web page’s rank. However, after a recent update, Google is now demoting websites that have too many backlinks from low quality sites. Webmasters have little to no control over who links to their website, meaning people can see their search ranking drop through no fault of their own.

Backlinking isn’t the only SEO tactic that has taken a hit. Keyword stuffing, or the overuse of keywords in website content, is also now a reason for a ranking drop. While people can change and replace content, even if
webmasters and SEO companies make changes as soon as new rules are put in place, it can take weeks or even months for those changes to translate into higher search engine rankings. Many websites cannot survive that long with limited to no traffic.

The good news is that there are a number of other ways that websites can receive high numbers of visitors. Many Internet marketing services are taking advantage of the potential viral marketing effect that social media offers. If a website also has a social media profile on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social network, their posts can be shared and repeated to hundreds or even thousands of people. Building up a social media following can take time, but it greatly increases the targeted traffic to a website, and it can ensure that a webpage will continue to prosper even with a Google ranking demotion.

Another option for webmasters to increase traffic to their website is to use pay per click (PPC) marketing. When banner ads first appeared on the Internet, websites that displayed them were paid for every person that viewed the ad, whether it was clicked on or not. Now, however, banner ads are only paid for when someone actually follows the ad and goes to a website, which ensures that this type of marketing is effective.

Webmasters have complete control over PPC ads. They can limit the number of ads that are clicked on any given day, regulate the sites their ads show up on and change the images and text on ads at will. PPC ads are some of the most cost effective and targeted marketing solutions available on the Internet.

The ever changing landscape of rules for Google search engine ranking and the amount of time it takes to adapt to those rules can be overwhelming, especially for smaller websites. Since there is no guarantee that a website will be able to retain their search engine ranking, websites that depend only on Google for their traffic are at the mercy of the search engine. Instead, web design companies and search engine optimization companies should develop a number of traffic sources for a website to ensure its long term success.